Happy January | Uncustomary

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Happy January 2016! 2016? Two thousand fucking sixteen. It’s pretty amazing. We made it this far and we’re just going to keep going strong!

My goals for this year include selling a set number of e-courses and books, moving in with Joe, and hitting 10K followers on Instagram. I also want to make a lot more time for creative projects, new experiences, and my friends.

Happy January | Uncustomary
December Photobooth

I accomplished my photobooth a month goal! You can see all twelve out here. You can also check out my Top 5 Lists of 2015 and annual video compilation if you want to know my review of the year.

My top ten things about December were: ♥ Naughty Snowball ♥ Coven does Christmas in Canton night ♥ Selling my first e-course ♥ Giant yarnbomb installation ♥ April’s 80’s Christmas party with a neon/black-lit basement ♥ Finding out what color my aura is ♥ Giant candy cane balloon ♥ Making time to send out Christmas cards and things to my Snail Mailing List ♥ Making plans and goals for 2016 ♥ New Year’s Eve party

What are your goals for 2016? If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a list of 10 self love new year’s resolutions to think about.