My Halloween TV Episode guide went over so well, that I decided to make a Christmas one! I’m not a practicing Christian, as I mention in Episode 9 of Supersonic Self-Love, but I still celebrate some aspects of Christmas culturally in ways that feel good and fun to me. And one of those is watching Christmas TV episodes of shows I already enjoy.

You probably already know your favorite go-to Christmas movies if you celebrate this holiday, but it might be frustrating to have to remember what season and episode the Christmas episodes are at. Don’t worry, here’s a big list of shows that have Christmas episodes! Feel free to add shows I didn’t include and shows that include other religious holidays below in the comments!

The Office – S02E10, S03E10, S05E11, S06E13, S07E11&12, S08E09, S09E09

Parks & Rec – S02E12, S04E10, S05E09

Friends – S02E09, S03E10, S04E10, S05E10, S06E10, S07E11, S08E11, S09E10

Arrested Development – S01E07, S02E06

Christmas TV Episodes | Uncustomary

30 Rock – S02E09, S03E06, S04E08, S05E10, S07E08

Boy Meets World – S01E10, S02E12, S04E11, S05E11, S06E11

The League – S02E12, S04E12

New Girl – S01E09, S02E11, S04E11, S06E10

Christmas TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Bob’s Burgers – S03E09, S04E08, S05E06, S06E05, S07E07, S08E6&7, S09E10, S10E10, SE11E10

Kimmy Schmidt – S02E08

The Mindy Project – S01E09, S02E11, S03E11, S04E13

Letterkenny – S05E07

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – S01E10, S02E10, S03E10, S04E10

Christmas TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Modern Family – S01E10, S03E10, S05E10, S07E09, S11E09

Girlboss – S01E11

Curb Your Enthusiasm – S03E09

Difficult People – S01E08

8 Simple Rules – S01E12, S03E12

It’s Always Sunny – Special (end Season 6)

Christmas TV Episodes | Uncustomary

South Park S01E09, S02E16, S03E15, S04E17, S06E17, S07E15, S08E14, S17E09, S18E10, S22E10, S23E10

Blackish – S01E10, S02E08, S02E10, S03E10, S05E08 S06E10, S07E08

The Nanny – S01E08, S03E14, S06E10

Scrubs – S01E11, S02E10, S04E12

Seinfeld – S03E12, S04E12, S06E11, S07E10, S08E10, S09E10

BoJack Horseman – Special (separate)

Merry Christmas! What’s your favorite Christmas TV episode? Share below!