I love that certain streaming services are making it so you can find Halloween TV episodes easier! I love Halloween movies, obviously, but I don’t always have or make the time or attention span for a movie. A TV show can be just perfect for getting in the spirit of things!

At this point, I think most of us know what our favorite Halloween movies are (if you’re looking for ideas, though, check out this post of 30 Not So Scary Halloween Movies). But there are a ton of awesome Halloween-themed TV episodes we can also celebrate this season with, and if you can’t remember where they are, it can be really frustrating. So I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite shows, and what episodes have Halloween themes in there! To be fair, some of them aren’t all Halloween-y. Like, there’s one episode of The Office that has just a cold opening with Halloween, and the rest of the episode is “normal”, but you get the idea.

The graphic you can click through to on Instagram shares one single episode of each show to remind you of each show and be a general guide. It’s likely that episode is my favorite episode. It’s also possible that specific show only has one Halloween episode!

However, if you scroll below, you’ll find a complete list of every Halloween episode for 77 different shows listed. For example, there’s like 25 Halloween episodes of The Simpsons. I did the legwork for you and you can just scroll down to find the season and episode number so you can find it on whatever streaming service you’re using! Or DVD’s if you’re kickin’ it old school.

Also, just to be clear, S= Season and E= Episode. So S01E01 means Season 1 Episode 1.

I hope you find this helpful and fun! Feel free to share more ideas for shows that have Halloween episodes below so I can add them to the list next year!

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Friends – S08E06

30 Rock – S04E03

The Mick – S02E04

Reno 911 – S01E14

The League – S02E07

Parks & Rec – S02E07, S04E05, S05E05

It’s Always Sunny – S06E07, S08E03, S14E06

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air – S01E09, S04E07

Brooklyn 99 – S01E06, S02E04, S03E06, S04E05, S05E04, S06E16, S07E11

The Office – S02E05, S05E06, S08E05, S07E06, S09E05

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

The Nanny – S04E04

Supernatural – S04E07

Frasier – S05E03, S09E06

King Of Queens – S04E06

New Girl – S02E06, S03E06

Full House – S02E03, S03E08

Curb Your Enthusiasm – S02E03

3rd Rock From The Sun – S03E05

Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23 – S02E02

You’re The Worst – S02E08

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

The Big Bang Theory – S01E06, S05E07, S06E05, S12E06

Family Matters – S02E07, S04E06, S05E06, S06E06, S08E07, S09E07

The Middle – S02E06, S03E06, S04E06, S05E05, S06E05, S07E06, S08E03, S09E04

Sabrina The Teenage WitchS01E05, S02E07, S03E06, S04E06, S05E06, S06E04

South Park – S01E07, S02E15, S03E10, S10E11, S16E12, S17E04, S21E06, S22E05, S23E05

The GoldbergsS01E06, S02E06, S03E06, S04E05, S05E05, S06E05, S07E06, S09E06, S10E06

Home Improvement – S02E06, S03E02, S04E02, S05E02, S06E03, S07E03, S08E03, S09E04, S10E04, S11E04

The Simpsons – S02E03, S03E07, S04E05, S05E04, S06S06, S07E06, S08E01, S09E04, S10E04, S11E04, S12E01, E13E01, S14S01, S15E01, S16E01, S17E04, S18E04, S19E05, S20E04, S21E04, S22E04, S23E03, S24E02, S25E02, S26E04, S27E05, S28E04, S29E04, S30E04, S32E04, S33E03, S34E05, S34E06

Bob’s Burgers – S03E02, S04E02, S05E02, S06E03, S07E03, S08E03, S09E04, S10E04

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Glee – S02E05

Cheers – S03E04

M.A.S.H. – S11E02

Scream Queens – S02E03

Stranger Things – S02E02

The Mindy Project – S01E04

BoJack Horseman – S05E08

The Andy Griffith Show – S04E02

Boy Meets World – S05E17

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Scrubs – S02E06

Clueless – S02E06

Euphoria – S01E06

Bewitched – S03E07

Freaks And Geeks – S01E3

The Brady Bunch – S04E06

Reba S03E07, S05E06

That 70s Show – S02E05, S03E04

Saved By The Bell – S03E26, S04E07

What We Do In The ShadowsAll of this show, just watch the whole thing

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Charmed – S03E04

Sister Sister – S03E07

Bless This Mess – S02E05

Dharma & Greg – S05E07

Dinosaurs – S02E07 S03E05

My So-Called Life – S01E09

Grey’s Anatomy – S04E05, S10E07, S15E06

Roseanne – S02E07, S03E07, S04E06, S05E07, S06E06, S07E06, S08E05, S09E07

Community – S01E07, S02E06, S03E05, S04E02

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary


WandaVision – S01E06

Happy Endings – S02E05

Freaks And Geeks – S01E03

One Day At A Time – S04E04

Dinosaurs – S02E07, S03E05

Whose Line Is It Anyway – S03E04

Superstore – S02E06, S03E05, S04E04, S05E06

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – S02E06, S04E04, S05E05, S06E06

Modern Family – S02E06, S04E05, S06E06, S08E05, S09E05, S10E05, S11E05

Blackish – S02E06, S03E05, S05E03, S06E06

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

Sabrina – S02E06

Ugly Betty – S01E05

Gossip Girl – S03E07

Will & Grace – S01E05

Even Steven’s – S02E13

Children’s Hospital – S02E03

Eureeka’s Castle – “It Came From Beneath The Bed”

How I Met Your Mother – S01E06, S06E07, S07E08

The Drew Carey Show – S02E05, S02E24, S05E06, S07E07

Halloween TV Episodes | Uncustomary

There’s also shows that you can watch that are just Halloween-y in general, like:

  • What We Do In The Shadows
  • Sabrina
  • The Twilight Zone
  • The Munsters
  • The Addams Family
  • Bewitched
  • Stranger Things
  • Goosebumps
  • Supernatural
  • Don’t forget SNL’s sketches and Halloween episodes!

Happy Halloween watching! What’s your favorite Halloween TV episode? Share below!