If you’re like me, you don’t like scary movies, or at least needless horror and violence. There might be a couple exceptions, (I realized I put ‘Trick R Treat’ on this list which can be very triggering), but in general I think we need to examine why we look at why we desire horror movies so much.

I have a whole video on why we make so many apocalyptic movies instead of movies about utopia or dismantling the patriarchy, because we write what we ‘know’, or what has been represented to us so far.

Many (not all) people who like horror/violent movies are craving something to be different in their lives. They want drama, feel bored, or want to see something that looks “worse in comparison” to their own lives.

Halloween, by nature, examines the ‘darker’ side of things. It involves death in a lot of ways, but think about the Addams Family. How they can make the dark and unusual feel so beautiful and ‘normal’. That’s what I tried to do with this list. Of course, know your triggers, anything can be hard for anyone, but I hope this helps you find some spoopy movies!

30 Not So Scary Halloween Movies! | Uncustomary
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30 Not So Scary Halloween Movies

🎬 Addams Family
🎬 Addams Family Values
🎬 Ghostbusters (all)
🎬 Beetlejuice
🎬 Casper
🎬 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
🎬 Practical Magic
🎬 Halloweentown (all in series)
🎬 Trick R Treat
🎬 Nightmare Before Christmas
🎬 Hocus Pocus
🎬 The Craft
🎬 Monster House
🎬 Gremlins
🎬 Frankenweenie
🎬 Double Double Toil And Trouble
🎬 Clue
🎬 Goosebumps
🎬 Scooby-Doo
🎬 Death Becomes Her
🎬 Little Shop Of Horrors
🎬 Hotel Transylvania
🎬 What We Do In The Shadows
🎬 Edward Scissorhands
🎬 Coraline
🎬 The Witches Of Eastwick
🎬 Haunted Mansion
🎬 E.T.
🎬 The Corpse Bride
🎬 Under Wraps
🎬 Young Frankenstein
🎬 It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
🎬 Ernest Scared Stupid
🎬 The Witches
🎬 Paranorman


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