Welcome back to Supersonic Self-Love! Today’s episode is a little different. I’ve recently been thinking about how December can bring up a lot of feelings for people, and not just people who celebrate Christmas! In fact, I wanted to think specifically about people who might be feeling excluded at this time of year.

I’m a Celebration Fanatic. I am in no way trying to decrease from your joy! Celebrate how you want! I am just trying to celebrate what I want in a way that doesn’t detract from someone else’s joy by not being ignorant to what they might be feeling or going through, whether that’s family, religion, regional location, mental health, etc.

In this episode, I share a recent situation that brought to light this brainstorm of ideas, full disclosure about how I was raised religiously, how I identify spiritually now, and what I still celebrate culturally even if I’m not part of that religion anymore.

I go through different scenarios, asking you to simply imagine what it might be like to be in someone else’s shoes. Some things that maybe you’ve thought about or haven’t (yet).

This is NOT an attack on anyone’s religion, lack of religion, or way you celebrate. I am simply trying to be more mindful of how what I do and what we do as a collective whole might affect other people, and I hope you’ll join me in being open-minded going into this.

There is no homework except to open your mind and try to see these situations from fresh eyes as you go about your week!

If you want to download the free planner that started this whole process of thinking (watch video to understand!), click below!

Photography: Maura Housley
Design: Joe Dissolvo
Affirmations: Louise Hay