Fashion is a really wonderful thing, and I love the way it can be used as a tool for self-expression. I definitely don’t like everything that’s “in style”, though. We all have our own style, and I think that’s beautiful.

So what’s my style? Colorful, loud, and gaudy. My friends are constantly reminding me that going out in public wearing four different patterns is weird, but I continue to do it. I wear what I want when I want, like a five-year-old who was just told they could start dressing themselves.

There’s a lot of glitter, sequins, and rhinestones in my closet, and that’s something I’m proud of. In terms of pieces, I tend to wear leggings paired with either skirts and shirts or dresses. My shoes are almost always ballet flats, I wear a lot of cardigans, and it’s unusual to see me without a very large ring on my finger.

I find it silly that plus size clothing tends to be really boring. I’m obviously a plus size, and I can’t imagine always wearing greys, blacks, and blues. If you’re interested in some fun plus size clothing, my favorite places to shop are Forever 21, ASOS, Target, and Old Navy. ModCloth also has some great options, but it’s more on the pricey side.

Here are some items I’ve recently purchased that I think depict my style really well:

Merona Women’s Cardigan Sweater withSequin Shoulder Detail from Target
$9.98 / four color options / sizes XS – XXL

Cardigans are perfect for me to not only add an extra color to my outfit, but to cover my arms for a little warmth.

My Kinda Gallop Dress in Cupcakes from ModCloth
$36.99 / XS – 4X

Patterned dresses are amazing! They make for great conversation pieces. I would also totally pair the blue cardigan with this.

Camp Director Tote in Grass from ModCloth
$54.99 / 4 color options

This purse is fantastic. It’s giant and bright which are my two main requirements for purses. I can fit everything in here, and it’s actually very comfortable to carry.

Spotlight Scuba Knit Dress from Forever 21
$15.80 / 5 color options / XL – 3X

This dress is super simple, which means I can add a ton of accessories to it! Bold tights or patterned leggings, a cardigan, or chunky necklace. 

Vibrant Floral Leggings from Forever 21
$11.80 / XL – 3X

I own an excessive amount of floral leggings. It’s never enough, though. As soon as I put them on, I feel fancy and dainty and end up wearing them with different tops for the next week. 

So how would you describe your style? Where are your favorite places to shop? If you want to see some of my outfits in action, check out these challenges: All black + one colored accessory, clashing patterns, and all colors of the rainbow.

PS – Today is Wear Blue Day! And I am definitely wearing the blue dress featured in this post.