As I mentioned before, I’m celebrating the Winter Solstice instead of Christmas this year! So Happy Winter to you! I’m excited to give my dad his presents, and have Bug roll around in wrapping paper. Later, I’m going to a party that I’m very excited about. Right now, though, I’m going to share some of my decorations and a list of ideas for winter activities! If you’re one of my friends in the southern hemisphere, take a look at my list of 20 Things To Do Before Summer Ends.

jingle bells & a glittery bow

a little reminder

the most perfect Santa hat for Bug

some of the cards I’ve received so far

some of my winter activity ideas written down and posted right next to my door

Winter Activity Ideas

  • knit a scarf for yourself or a friend
  • go ice skating
  • drink hot cocoa by a fire
  • cut out colorful paper snowflakes
  • write greeting and/or thank you cards
  • go snowboarding or skiing
  • donate gifts to less fortunate
  • make a snow angel
  • decorate a gingerbread house
  • bake cookies
  • decorate with twinkle lights
  • sit under a happy lamp
  • have a snowball fight
  • volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • attend a tacky sweater party
  • make a snow globe
  • build a snowman
  • make a peanut butter bird feeder
  • make a wreath
  • go sledding

I also have a list of activity suggestions for December here.

What’s your favorite winter activity? Do you get to see snow where you live?