Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of people say things about summer being over. Guess what, though? It’s not! Just because the kids go back to school doesn’t mean we can’t have a picnic or jump on a trampoline. In the US, Autumn doesn’t start until September 22nd. If you’re sad about summer ending, don’t be! We still have a few weeks.

I wanted to make a list of things that are really fun to do in the summer (that you can still do in September)! It’s likely still warm enough to do the things you wanted to do like lounge by the pool or beach! And you don’t have to swim without your favorite soundtrack playing. Get yourself the best swimming headphones to relax and listen to your favorite tunes as you soak in the last bits of summer!

But there’s more than water to summer. Here are 20 activities you might want to consider adding to your End Of Summer Bucket List!

1) Throw a water balloon

2) Blow bubbles

3) Play with sidewalk chalk

4) Go to a festival

5) Hula hoop

6) Make art outside

7) Play in a sprinkler

8) Swing

9) Swim (bonus points if it’s at night)

10) Ride a Ferris Wheel

11) Eat a snowball
12) Watch lightning bugs
13) Collect seashells
14) Get your face painted
15) See a drive-in movie
16) Build a sandcastle
17) Buy something from an ice cream truck
18) Drive with the windows down and the music up
19) Explore a boardwalk
20) Pick some flowers

Can you think of other fun things to do in the summer?