I love all months, but not equally. My love for September will always surpass my feelings for August. I’m so excited for the weather to get cooler, the color schemes to change, and for me to bring my accessory game full force. Not to discount August, though! It was a beautiful time to be alive. Have you taken a minute to think about what wonderful things happened in your life last month? Please share! Here’s my top ten:

Top Ten Things About August 2014 | Uncustomary Art

September is:

All American Breakfast Month
Eat Chicken Month
Go Wild During California Rice Month
Happy Cat Month
Square Dancing Month
Library Card Sign-Up Month
Coupon Month
Save A Tiger Month
Service Dog Month
Self Improvement Month
Update Your Resume Month
Women’s Friendship Month

Things to look forward to:

1 – Labor Day
4 – Newspaper Carrier Day
6 – Writing Date Day
7 – Grandparents Day
7 – Pet Rock Day
9 – Wonderful Weirdos Day
12 – Banana Day
12 – Baltimore’s Playground
13 – Drive Your Studebaker Day
13 – Road Dahl Day
14 – Kreme Filled Donut Day
15 – Dot Day
16 – Guacamole Day
18 – Cheeseburger Day
19 – Talk Like A Pirate Day
20 – Lost Boys Food Fight
21 – Day Of Peace
22 – Ice Cream Cone Day
22 – First Day Of Autumn
24 – Punctuation Day
26 – Love Note Day
27 – Museum Day
28 – Drink Beer Day
30 – Ask A Stupid Question Day

Activity ideas:

+ Become fluent in pirate speak
+ Visit your local library
+ Eat breakfast for dinner
+ Adopt a tiger
+ Visit your favorite museum
+ Make a list of things to do during Autumn
+ Write someone a love note
+ Try a new beer
+ Paint a rock
+ Make your own guacamole

What are you looking forward to this month?