Celebrate December | Uncustomary

Well, it’s here! Happy December! The month many of us are strung out trying to “do it all”, and I’m definitely one of them. I’m trying to take my own advice and calm down enough to relax and actually enjoy the wonderful things that happen this last month of the year and I hope you do, too.

My goal for last month was to work on my e-course, and I definitely did but there’s still plenty more work to do. A bit of a mental health setback didn’t really help my case, but as is life. So this month my goals are to send out holiday cards, finish my e-course, buy Christmas presents for my friends, and sell pre-ordered copies of my book.

Don’t forget to pencil in Cookie Day on the 4th and Thank You Note Day on the 26th. Obviously there are things like Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s Eve as well. Oh, and the Winter/Spring Solstice!

Celebrate December | Uncustomary
November Photobooth

My top ten things for November: + Going to Miami to visit/work with We Love Colors + amazing street art in Wynwood + sending my book to print + making a plan to move in with Joe + getting great feedback from doing my Skype interviews for my e-course + launching my free e-course + taking the best coven photo ever at Judy’s Divorce Party + the Erotica Show + seeing Joe’s family on Thanksgiving + watching yarnbombing panels trickle into my PO Box

Your turn! What were your favorite things about last month? What are your goals for December?