I’m so sorry for the unexpected quiet! I didn’t realize I wasn’t going to have internet access for the few days I was in Miami, but I’m back now! I flew down to our nation’s almost southernmost point to meet the people of We Love Colors in person and had a great time.

Here are some of my experiences/observations from my three days in Miami:

+ Miami is exactly what you’d expect. Every stereotype you’ve heard and seen is spot on (which is the first time I’ve had this happen).
+ Within five minutes of being in the car out of the airport, I saw an elderly white couple with white hair, visors, fanny packs, and bright new sneakers power walking along the sidewalk. On the other side of the sidewalk was a tan shirtless man who looked like he stepped out of an Abercrombie catalog and showered in Crisco before he and his eight pack went out for a jog in slow motion.
+ There are more Spanish speakers than English, or at least bilingual and there’s no way to tell who speaks what. Tiny pale-skinned blonde girls only spoke in Spanish to me and it was awesome.
+ Everyone is hot, for real. The only time I saw overweight or non-traditional hot people was when I stopped in a McDonalds in South Beach to pee.
+ These hot people also dress like they work at Hollister 24/7.  I have never seen so many white denim shorts in my entire life.
+ If you’re not hot you are kind of invisible. I had a surprising amount of people walk into me as if I don’t exist, cut in front of me in lines, etc.
+ Birds just walk right up to you, more than I’ve ever experienced in any other city. As soon as I walked out of the airport a pigeon basically crawled on my foot.
+ There are some amazing wholesale warehouses there I could have spent an entire week exploring. It’s packed to the brim with discontinued and expired products from as far back as the 80’s. I found obscure early 90’s Power Rangers temporary tattoos, ten sheets for a dollar. So good.
+ Most houses, condos, and buildings are beautiful shades of coral or turquoise.
+ There is like, one breed of trees down there that aren’t palm trees. Palm trees are more prevalent in Miami than rats are in Baltimore.
+ The weather changes more haphazardly than any other place I’ve been. It goes from downpours to sunshine (and rainbows) three separate times in an hour.
+ There’s lots of lizards and newts and similar reptilian creatures everywhere. They’re fast and they will sneak into your house.
+ A neighborhood called Wynwood has some of the best street art I’ve ever seen in my life, if not the best, definitely the most in one vicinity.
+ Shit is expensive there.

Have you ever been to Miami? I’d love to hear what you experienced and whether it matches mine or not.

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Here are some things on my happiness list this week:

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
1. The walls of the We Love Colors offices

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
2. Hot dancers at Mangoes

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
3. Aminta’s color-coordinated stuffed animals

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
4. Neon signs that remind you where you are

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
5. The clouds behind palm trees

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
6. Drippy paints and twinkle lights

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
7. Hand dyeing my own tights

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
8. Sneakily watching strangers paint through a window

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
9. Rainbow ceilings

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
10. Creative murals

What’s on your happy list this week?