Be The Kind Of Adult You Want

Something I love about being an adult is something that I think many people forget: you can be any kind of adult you want. If you want to own your own house, theme your children’s bedrooms, and work really hard for that corner office, you can. If you want to you can sleep till eleven, wear a fanny pack, and let your gas tank light up to warn you you’re on fumes before you go to refill it. But you know what? You can also wear a fanny pack and own your own house. You can mix and match levels of traditional “responsibility” and “grown-up”.

So you’re over 18? You’re over 21? You’re legally an adult. You can vote, drink, and gamble. You can make decisions for yourself. You are an adult. Live your life the way that you want to. It doesn’t matter if self help books say you’re not on track or if your friends are at different stages in their life than you. It doesn’t matter if the things you do conflict with what a traditional grown-up would do. Be yourself. That’s the only kind of adult I’d ever want you to be.

Be The Kind Of Adult You Want

 It’s okay if you pay your bills on time + also put two sumo suits on your credit card.

 It’s okay if you call your parents regularly + also text sassy gifs to your friends as responses to questions.

 It’s okay if you write thank you notes + also mail strangers envelopes full of glitter.

 It’s okay if you take vitamins + also eat sugary kids cereal directly out of the box for dinner.

 It’s okay if you pay your taxes + also write a letter to your senator in Pig Latin saying how much you really don’t want to pay your taxes.

 It’s okay if you use contraception/have safe sex + also have wild sex ten times a week.

 It’s okay if you use a day planner + also spray glitter on yourself every day.

 It’s okay if you have a secure job with benefits + also have a ball pit in your basement.

 It’s okay if you get regular check-ups with doctors + also insist on receiving stickers, toys, and lollipops before you leave.

 It’s okay if you invest in stocks and bonds + also pay for things with $2 bills and fists full of coins.

 It’s okay if you plan for your retirement + also plan a Disney Cruise (even if you don’t have kids).

 It’s okay if you know first aid and CPR + also know all the places in town to get ice cream after midnight.

 It’s okay if you iron your business casual clothing + also wear tutus, sparkly flats, + giant floppy hats.

 It’s okay if you have a lawyer + also attend protests to support issues you’re passionate about.

 It’s okay if you get excited about vacuum cleaner attachments + also always rap all the words to “Baby Got Back” when you hear it come on.

 It’s okay if you clip coupons + also clip letters out of magazines to make ransom note love letters.

 It’s okay if you buy diapers, condiments, and light bulbs in bulk + also buy Pez dispensers in bulk so you have them in every room of the house as well as your car and office.

 It’s okay if you dedicate days to cleaning your house + also spend days eating cookies in bed and speaking in an English accent to your pets.

 It’s okay if you balance your checkbook + also balance beam walk across brick walls instead of walking on the sidewalk.

 It’s okay if you wake up early every day + also change your alarm sound to the theme song from “Duck Tales” so you can dance upon entering consciousness.

Celebrate the adult you are. You are a beautiful person.