Starting the new year can be overwhelming. You might feel like there are too many things you could choose to work on, or you might have made a giant to do list and have no idea where to start. Anyone else out there deal with option overwhelm where when there are too many choices or too many things to do you get really stressed and do nothing instead? I’m super guilty of that. The trick is to figure out your internal motivation, not focus on getting things perfect, and figure out what deep down why you’re scared of starting.

6 Tips For Not Procrastinating | Uncustomary

Here are six tips for dealing with procrastinating:

1) You are the only one in charge of your goals – Yes you can hire assistants, trainers, delegate, and have an amazing support system, but at the end of the day you are the one who has to take action. No one can do this for you.

2) Ask yourself if you’re afraid of success – Have you ever thought deeper about the idea of what would happen if your wildest dreams came true and how it would change your life? Are you maybe actually scared of the responsibility that would come with that change? Do you deep down believe you’re incapable of achieving your goals? Try journaling of EFT to work through these blocks! I actually have a whole episode on working through these blocks in Supersonic Self-Love (check out episode one), I even do a EFT session with you on busting through procrastination blocks!

3) Practice positive self-talk – Our inner critic can be really mean to us when we don’t follow through or if we don’t get something right on the first try. Remember your inner critic is a bully who has been through the same things you have, and it might actually help to be nice to them! Watch Episode 8 of Supersonic Self-Love to learn how to deal with your inner critic and engage in positive self-talk.

4) Figure out your deepest “why” – You’re never going to be motivated if you are doing things because you think you *should* be doing them. What is your big WHY for your goal? How is it helping you get closer to who you want to be or where you want to go? Get clear on that! (I have a video in the Uncustomary Babes Group on figuring out your life purpose.)

5) Remember all progress is progress – It doesn’t matter where you are or where anyone else is, it’s just important to start and to keep showing up for yourself. SARK’s concept of Micromovements completely changed my mindset and allowed me to accomplish so many goals in 2019! The whole idea is that 5 minutes or less a day will lead you to accomplishing your goal much faster than doing nothing or giving up will. I have a whole video on Micromovements and it comes with free worksheets!

6) Figure out what you choose to do when you procrastinate – Have you noticed what you choose to do instead of working on your goals? Are you maybe more passionate about that thing? When I worked at the psych rehab and was going to college, I would procrastinate on my homework and some work that was assigned to me by making street art, snail mail, and random acts of kindness. I eventually turned these hobbies into my job and business, Uncustomary! This circles back to being clear about your WHY and aligning your goals with your passions and values.

What do you think about procrastinating and these tips? Check out the resources I shared with you and see if those help get you motivated, avoid perfectionism, and stop procrastinating to make your dreams a reality! (Remember all Supersonic Self-Love videos come with extra downloads and resources!)