I’m so excited to announce a brand new video series that’s going to be coming to you every week and fill you up with supersonic levels of self-love!

Supersonic Self-Love is a video series to start your week off on a positive note. Every Sunday, I give you a positive affirmation, a homework assignment based on self-love, and rotate between a tapping/EFT, meditation, Tarot reading, and educational/pep talk video.

These are all the types of resources you can find in my membership group, the Uncustomary Babes. Sign up here!

This week we’re talking about Micromovements, moving into Virgo Season, and blasting through procrastination blocks with an awesome tapping session to become more motivated and productive!

Check out the video on Micromovements to learn more about what I mention in the video and get your two free downloads here.

Photography: Maura Housley
Design: Joe Dissolvo
Affirmations: Gabriella Rosie