Merriment is something that gets lost on us so easily. What is Merriment? Let’s starts there. It’s fun. It’s having fun for no other reason than having fun. It’s playing. It’s joy. It’s happiness. It’s what we want in life.

So when we talk about Merriment for our purposes, we’re speaking about happiness and play, then, right? It’s about not letting life become a chore. It’s about bring gaiety back to things. Remembering that we get to do things instead of complaining that we have to do them.

I have made a list of 50 ways to practice merriment for you, and I have divided them into seven categories so you can really focus on what area of you’re life you’re feeling out of balance in. What part of your life feels the least fun? Let’s bring Merriment to it! You can also check out the End Of The Year Merriment Webinar replay, or if you really want to invest in your own joy, you can become an Uncustomary Babe Member and get resources every single day! The webinar on its own has 70 additional ways for these categories!

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50 Ways To Practice Merriment | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Practice Merriment


1. Share a quote or affirmation in a public way
2. Get a giant canvas or giant sticky notes to map out goals on the wall
3. Do work from home inside of a blanket fort
4. Insist on a morale committee being instated; start it yourself!
5. Decorate your office (50 Ways To Improve Your Office)
6. Incorporate unusual holidays into your work culture
7. Dress for you want, so maybe you can be a penguin in tuxedo for the day
8. Get your colleagues involved in a project that everyone contributes to or a Spirit Week


9. Decorate your mode of transportation; who says googly eyes weren’t made for your dashboard or skateboard
10. Make a playlist you listen to for different tasks like driving, cleaning, shopping, etc.
11. Put your hair in pigtail braids (wire if necessary), strap sponges on your feet, and clean the floors Pippi Longstocking style
12. Make all of your labels and systems beautiful, colorful, and artful
13. Draw your shopping lists
14. Collect found shopping lists while you’re out
15. Pretend you’re 4-years-old and someone is coming over and channel that level of excitement
16. Yell in your best Tim Gunn voice, “Let’s make it work!”


17. Make yourself a reward chart that you put stickers on every time you do healthy task
18. Decorate your water bottle with stickers
19. Move your body in a different way every day for a month (pogo stick, hula hoop, trampoline, etc.)
20. Cook naked in a very frilly apron
21. Drive to new places to take walks; check out The Wander Society
22. Learn amazing dance moves from the wacky waving inflatable tube guy like in “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”
23. Set an alarm on your phone that shows you an affirmation
24. Wear monochrome matching outfits

Social Interactions/Community/Activism

25. Bring your own party supplies wherever you go
26. Send a text with a cute animal to your favorite people once a week
27. Don’t hold back on glitter and washi tape for protest signs
28. Call someone to say, “Hey, go look at the moon. I love you.”
29. Send a love letter to someone you love signed ‘secret admirer’
30. Paint a giant posterboard, cut it into postcards and mail it around the world
31. Bring a Mary Poppins Bag of treats to enhance any experience
32. Send an invitation to twirl, bask in the sunlight, eat ice cream cones, skip stones, or whatever else you want to do

Spirituality/Personal Ritual

33. Listen to a very silly meditation
34. Draw a self-portrait of yourself without a mirror, channeling an alien, mermaid, unicorn, etc. version of yourself
25. Put on a wig, party dress, and cry in the mirrors (catch all your tears and put them on a shelf)
26. When you tap/do EFT, sing out loud to lyrics a song you find empowering
27. Ask a child for their opinion on a deep philosophical question
28. Celebrate yourself with a powerful photoshoot (maybe naked with a chicken nose?)
29. Shout your joy and celebrations out loud
30. Kiss yourself naked in the mirror


31. Invite yourself/lover(s) to pleasure island (paper invitations are extra points)
32. Come up with a themed costume striptease
33. Write a love letter in invisible ink and seal it with a kiss
34. Schedule an adventure
35. Send a note on a paper airplane from the other room
36. Yell out your wildest dreams/goals/visions as you orgasm
37. Wrap yourself up in a ribbon and bow as the gift you are
38. Ask how you can expand pleasure


39. Change online banking usernames and passwords to something ridiculous
40. Use your money for kindness, and take in grateful/receptive faces
41. Play Monopoly without the rules
42. Fill a money gun with fake money and make it rain on yourself/friends
43. Make an altar dedicated to your abundance
44. Write yourself a check for a million dollars and put it on your vision board
45. Design money so your face is on the bill
46. Dress up as a magnet and tape money to yourself
47. Sing “Fa la la la la la la ca ching” every time you make money


48. Draw your own temporary tattoos
49. Lick a Ring Pop in the shower
50. Blow bubbles indoors

Another great way to practice Merriment is to practice gratitude! Get a free gratitude e-course here!