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The past few months, I’ve been studying and practicing the art of abundance and prosperity work. I’ve pulled from a ton of sources and sunk my head in deep, and it’s been really eye-opening and rewarding. It’s scary stuff, to be honest. It involves a lot of trust, as well as a lot of work. But I believe in it. And I think when you believe in something, anything, it holds power. So if you’re intrigued by abundance/prosperity work, I wanted to share a list of things that I’ve learned and/or come up with on my own that attract abundance into your life for you to peruse, bookmark, and hopefully try out for yourself.

Ultimately, you have to remember (and believe) that there is enough out there for everyone, including (and especially!) you, and manifesting is only part of the thing. You’re asking the universe for what you want, you’re putting out the vibes, but you also have to meet the world halfway with your own efforts. You can’t do a few things on this list and expect your bank account to magically procure a million dollars overnight. That’s not what happens. But if you show up every day in a deliberate, honest, open, and trusting way, you will absolutely start to see results in ways you didn’t even think about as options before now. It’s incredible and beautiful.

This list is meant to be a list of activities, rituals, things, etc. you can incorporate into your life as part of your abundance work, but they’re not magic on their own. Let them inspire you to work harder, to be more focused, and to show up with intent to your passions.

50 Ways To Practice Abundance

1. Make a list of reasons why you deserve money and how your life would be different and more awesome if you had more money
2. Every time you receive money, say “Thank You” out loud (even if it’s a notification in your e-mail and you look like you’re talking to yourself)
3. Be aware of your language in general and don’t say things like, “I can’t afford that”, “I’m broke”, and “I’ll never get out of debt”; what you think about attracts itself, so you need to train you mind to think abundantly even if it feels phony and strange at first
4. Take a gamble on yourself and spend money on something that’s going to help you out with your business, your passion, or quality of life even if it feels scary and trust that you’ll still be okay
5. Rename your online bank accounts, usernames, and passwords to things about abundance like “IwillgetwhatIneed$$$” or “$MoneyMama$”
6. Make a list of all your beliefs about money (Rich people are shallow? Money makes you evil? It’s either poor and happy or rich and miserable?) and figure out where your messed up cognitive processes are at
7. Start tapping (EFT) on your money blocks and allow your body to break through the emotional hold-ups you have with all things financial (use the list you made above)
8. Decide you’re going to raise your bottom line of your checking/savings account and that’s the new minimum you’re not allowed to dip below
9. Meditate; be still and quiet and focus on one line of thinking like a mantra or affirmation, or just allow yourself to imagine what it would be like to have the life you’d create with the money you plan to manifest
10. Approach abundance from a perspective other than financially; how can you be abundant in your life with your health? with your relationships? with sex? with your career? Write it all down and make goals as a result of it!
11. Value your work; don’t give yourself away for free or undervalue yourself because you are unique, talented, and worth a ton!
12. Look through your bank statements to find ways that you’re spending money on things that you don’t use and cancel those subscriptions, etc. for extra monthly money
13. Figure out where the Wealth Corner of your home is (South East corner) and Feng Shui the crap out of it so it has good energy – ideas: water feature (like a fountain), dragon figurine (positioned so it is entering your house), a wealth pot, mirrors at face-level
14. Add Jade plants, Orchids, and/or Bamboo to your home
15. Put Three-Legged Money Toads under your living room couches/furniture
16. Hang a metal wind chime in the North corner of your home, but in a place where no one can fully pass underneath it
17. Make sure your front door is always clean of dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc. and nicely painted
18. Keep the numbers on your home and mailbox easy to read so that people, money, and opportunities can easily find you
19. Add additional wealth symbols to your home like a Dragon Turtle, a Wealth Ship, a Wealth Vase, or Chinese Coins
20. Keep your home free of clutter; don’t forget about the top of your stove!
21. Invest in crystals that hold energy for prosperity, like Pyrite, Citrine, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Amber, Aventurine, Sunstone, & Garnet
22. Create an altar, and on it put things like the crystals mentioned above, candles, affirmations, special ephemera, photos, Tarot cards, a cauldron, Sage, fresh flowers, flower petals, potpourri, worry stones, momentos, shells, jewelry, wands, figurines, incense, lucky rice, coins, etc.
23. Good Tarot cards for your altar or around your home about prosperity are the Sun, Nine Of Pentacles, Ten Of Pentacles, Ace Of Pentacles, Wheel Of Fortune, & Nine Of Cups
24. Burn a green candle for prosperity, and every time you light it say a mantra (even if it’s as simple as “I am abundant”) or get a custom-carved candle made just for you and let them know you’re trying to attract abundance
25. Cleanse your living space with Sage as you set intentions

50 Ways To Practice Abundance | Uncustomary

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26. On the last day of the month, plan out the next 2 weeks or month; list out all your expenses and how much they will cost you and come up with the total amount you need to manifest in your life. Then, as you get in every single dollar, subtract it from that total and see your total start to decrease. (You can also cross off each expense as you’re able to pay for it.)
27. Never just say, “I want a million dollars”. Always think about why you want the money, how much you’d need, what you’d do with it, and why it would make your life better. The universe responds to specific needs instead of vague greed.
28. Once you have a number of how much you need to make, figure out what that means a month/a year and start saying, “I make $_______ a year” until it no longer sounds weird to say out loud
29. Say “Thank you, universe, I am grateful to be able to pay for this” as you pay for every bill you have instead of groaning or filling up with anxiety because you are lucky that you have the funds to afford things!
30. Spend time with people who inspire you and make you feel like you’re operating at a higher frequency; if you don’t have people like that in your life, make it a goal to go out and try to make TWO of those types of friends
31. Understand and decide that you’re in a relationship with money, and you have to treat it nicely, but also that you can’t be afraid of it; it’s just another thing/energy in the universe, don’t let it hold so much power of you and your state of mental health
32. Check your bank statements regularly; don’t be one of those people who is too afraid of their money situation to even login to see how much you have to spend! That’s the opposite of abundance! Face your fears, login, and if it’s not what you want, begin to create change (there’s 49 other ways to do that in this post alone!)
33. Read self-help books, listen to podcasts, seek out online articles, etc. and constantly educate yourself and seek out new resources you can learn from
34. Make a list of how if you had the money you desired you could help other people and why that would make you happy
35. Write yourself a check for the amount of money that you would like to manifest and post it on your wall or put it on your altar until you make that amount
36. Give money away as random acts of kindness; be generous with what you already have
37. Share your goals with someone else, and possibly develop a relationship with someone else as an accountability partner (or join a mastermind group!)
38. Practice gratitude always, but specifically make a list of the things that you already have to get some perspective of how your life is already full of beauty
39. Get in tune with the moon cycle! Be inspired by the routine and focus your goals around it. The new moon is a great time to create new goals, and the full moon is when energy peaks and you can go all in!
40. Get a new wallet that makes you smile, organize it, and keep it organized; always treat it with respect!
41. Keep a Citrine crystal in your wallet or coin purse
42. Collect all your coins, don’t discount any single penny
43. That means picking up coins from the street, too! Seriously! Everything in your path is for you, don’t walk past it.
44. Put aesthetically pleasing images of money in your life so you start to lose the stigma attached to it and develop a positive relationship with the sight of it (maybe that means a wad of bills covered in glitter that you print out for your vision board, or a cat lying in a bed of hundreds as the background on your cell phone)
45. Splurge on something new in your life that makes your feel successful and prosperous. I’m not talking about spending everything in your bank account so you can’t make rent. I’m saying, what would make you feel decadent? New silky underwear? A fancy blender? Wonderful smelling bath bombs? Allow yourself to treat yourself and experience what it’s like to live on the fancy side in that area of your life, because you deserve to.
46. Save up $100, go to the bank and exchange your money for a hundred dollar bill, put that bill in your wallet, and never ever spend it. Know it’s there, know you’re always $100 in the black, and rest easy.
47. Keep a log of every single dollar that comes in; at the end of every day, write down a monetary amount and it’s source (that can be $.05 – street!)
48. Say prosperity-related affirmations often, write them down, post them around your house/car/job and drill them into your brain (ex: “I love money and money loves me”, “There is plenty of money and resources to go around”)
49. Enter contests where you can win things and believe you have a really great chance of winning
50. Give, give, give, ask. Be of service to other people. Yes, you’re asking the universe to meet you halfway with your goals, but you also want to always be putting out positive vibes into the universe, and that includes helping people, not just with money, but with your time, your listening ability, your advice, and whatever other unique skills you have to offer this world.



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