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50 Ways To Love Yourself

1. Surround yourself with physical things that make you happy
2. Recognize the role of responsibility you have in your own happiness
3. Express yourself thoroughly through clothing, hairstyles, speech, etc.
4. Schedule time on your calendar for self-care
5. Hang out with people who are inspiring and positive
6. Forgive others to release negative energy from your body and forgive yourself for past mistakes
7. Keep a gratitude journal
8. Create personal rituals that something to you and represent important issues
9. Celebrate what makes you weird
10. Meditate for even just two minutes every day
11. Don’t let fear, media, or seasons influence your wardrobe
12. Stop saying you’re sorry, especially about who you are
13. Treat yourself to something fun
14. Book an appointment with a therapist and/or a life coach
15. Try something totally new
16. Only follow people on social media who make you excited
17. Release the feeling of guilt from your emotions as soon as it arises
18. Get in touch with what makes you feel sexy
19. Get your body moving in fun ways
20. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes
21. Go skinny dipping
22. Stop comparing yourself to other people
23. Ask your friends and family for help when you need it and know that’s not showing weakness. Sometimes that help can be talking to a therapist,and BetterHelp is an excellent source to find one.

24. Keep a list of compliments people give you
25. Bust out those creative muscles with whatever arts or crafts project is calling your name

Dive Deeper Into Self-Love

26. Try to go a whole day without looking in a mirror
27. Don’t start your day with technology (ahem, don’t reach for your phone as you open your eyes)
28. Stop judging others as well as yourself
29. Reward yourself for any and all accomplishments
30. Do something nice for someone else – 103 RAOK Ideas
31. Make a list of all the amazing things your body lets you do
32. Use positive affirmations like they’re penicillin and you have an infection
33. Go on dates with yourself
34. Prioritize your mental health
35. Give yourself the same advice you’d give your best friend
36. Educate yourself on the science of happiness
37. Have orgasms has much as possible
38. Spend time in nature
39. Name your inner critic and tell her to shut the fuck up
40. Set goals because you believe you can achieve them
41. Practice living in the moment, AKA Mindfulness
42. Make time to play
43. Stop giving a shit what people think about you
44. Travel, even if it’s to two cities away
45. Journal (check out these self-love prompts)
46. Disconnect from technology, or at least social media, frequently
47. Re-evaluate your ideas of beauty and investigate where they originated
48. Spend time with animals
49. Make an investment in yourself that you deserve
50. Spend time naked

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