Whether it’s because of your mood or the weather, we all have plenty of gloomy days. Gloomy days can be disheartening and make you feel defeated, so it’s good to have a go to list of ideas when you’re likely to be lacking on the inspiration front. An Uncustomary Babe requested this list, and as they say — ask and you shall receive! (Especially if you’re an official Uncustomary Babe. I take requests all the time. Just another reason to jump on the glittery train!) So don’t let “gloomy” define your day when you know there are so many ways to brighten it!

50 Ways To Brighten A Gloomy Day | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Brighten A Gloomy Day

1. Drop a slinky at the top of the set of stairs
2. Draw a smiley face, heart, etc. on your hand
3. Turn your regular lights off and turn all your glow-in-the-dark lights on for a mid-day party
4. Wear a fabulous hair accessory
5. Turn your hallway into a fake laser show
6. Sing “Hakuna Matata” to an animal
7. Make a list of all the things you’ll do WHEN you’re rich
8. Practice your Monty Python Silly Walks
9. Pin a map to a bulletin board and make it look like you’re solving a crime
10. Wrap up books you don’t want and write clues on the front
11. Get a picture of your aura taken
12. Blow up some balloons
13. Blink at a stranger with both eyes, slowly, at the same time
14. Go to a dog park, even if it’s just to watch (and you don’t have a dog of your own)
15. Take one thing in your “To Fix” pile to get fixed
16. Make a book or list of places to visit when you’re bored for the future
17. Bake rainbow/unicorn bark (recipe I used is from Studio DIY)
Baking credit: Leigh

50 Ways To Brighten A Gloomy Day | Uncustomary

18. Hit up an old friend on social media
19. Ask Siri some silly stuff
20. Add artificial rainbows and suns to your living space
21. Visit 20 friends Facebook profiles and write a positive comment
22. Make your to do list super short and only fun things
23. Learn the Evolution Of Dance dance
24. Page yourself over the intercom at work
25. Shift your focus to others and do something nice
26. Go in search of a mural you haven’t seen yet in your city
27. Host an elegant impromptu party (stuffed animals welcome)
28. Incorporate yellow into your outfit
29. Take an unusual hobby to a bar
30. Binge watch your favorite comedians stand-up specials
31. Buy a pinata and stuff a bunch of goodies inside to give to someone as a gift
32. Hit up an old friend on social media
33. Get your friends together to play “True American
34. Visit a botanical garden
35.Or just buy/pick some flowers for your bedroom

50 Ways To Brighten A Gloomy Day | Uncustomary

36. Do random bets with friends for winnings of no financial value
37. Watch “Grey Gardens” and practice dancing like little Edie
38. Order dessert with delivery
39. Put some sunscreen or good smelling lotion above your top lip
40. Cover a wall in your house with Sticky Notes to make a mural or shape
41. Go to a llama farm and exclaim, “I thought unicorns were fake!”
42. Join a Facebook community and become really involved
43. Come up with new names for a bunch of nail polish colors
44. Learn a new skill, like how to tie a neck tie
45. Watch your favorite character from TV’s compilation of funny moments on YouTube
46. Ask an old lady to help you cross the street
47. Start one of those prompt journals you were super excited about when you bought, but has just been sitting there for months
48. Utilize the internet formulas for your stripper, wrestler, etc. name
49. Dress in the most absurd outfit/hairstyle/etc. you can (and definitely take pictures)
50. Make a list of reasons why your favorite dinosaur is the best dinosaur

How do you like to brighten a gloomy day? Share below for even more ideas!


Photos: Maura Housley