It can be really hard to think of things that our friends and family would like to receive as a present for any given occasion. There are entire websites dedicated to being gift guides. Lots of times they just want to know the age and gender of the recipient, but I think it might be easier to get ideas based on the type of person you’re shopping for. So, I made a list of gifts that would be good for people you consider to be “fun”. The good news is that they’re all pretty inexpensive.

Obviously, not everything on here would work for everyone, but it may spark an idea for another gift, like some from That Sweet Gift, click here! Feel free to add additional ideas in the comments!

50 Cheap Gift Ideas

1. Decorative frames
2. Harmonica
3. Stationery set
4. Giant inflatables
5. Customized snow globe
6. Multicolored pens
7. Pez dispenser
8. Novelty mittens
9. A spot in a class (art, mime, etc.)
10. Masquerade mask

11. Finger puppets
12. Crazy straws
13. A mix CD with jewel case
14. Tacky socks
15. Flavored chocolate
16. Antique skeleton key
17. Subscription
18. Garland
19. Cat-opoly; click to read more
20. 90’s movies on DVD

21. Disposable camera
22. Glow stick jewelry
23. Journal
24. Etsy favorite
25. Seashell you found
26. Binoculars
27. Chattering teeth
28. Fake mustache
29. Blown up Mylar balloon
30. Sidewalk chalk

31. Something you made
32. Gaudy rings
33. Novelty magnets
34. Kaleidoscope
35. Recording of you singing
36. Tie dye kit
37. Slap bracelet
38. Scratch and sniff stickers
39. Costume accessories
40. Glitter nail polish

41. Magnifying glass
42. Glitter eye shadow or body glitter
43. Phone charm
44. Magic wand
45. Giant googly eyes
46. Decorative fan
47. Card Game
48. Fake microphone
49. Top hat
50. Inspirational activity books

What are some other cheap gift ideas for fun people? Share below!