Are you ready to move from quirky Aquarius to emotional Pisces? I’m honestly a little hesitant, but there is a balance in the zodiac for a reason, and maybe this is what we all need right now whether we know it or not!

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Pisces is a water signed (ahem, emotions), ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter. Pisces are usually very affectionate, empathetic, intuitive, and artistic. They often have a desire to escape reality due to their deep emotions and can dissociate by being alone, or viewed by others as a martyr. They are a genuine friend to everyone in their life, are extremely romantic, and don’t take kindly to being criticized. They don’t really have a Poker Face, so to speak, and show their emotions easily. They love the water, visuals, and spirituality.

Some famous Pisces are Drew Barrymore and Johnny Cash. I actually have Pisces in my Mars, Asc Node, and my 11th House. This generally means that I find my confidence in being led by dreams, intuition, and signs from the universe. I’m trying super hard to find transcendence, but I have a bunch of negative habits holding me back. I will keep a close-knit group of friends, who have the potential disappoint me, but I will have multiple soulmates in this lifetime.

Pisces Season is the perfect time to connect deeper to your physical body, create boundaries, practice empathy, manifest your desires, and reflect on absolutely everything. There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Pisces Season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

25 Ways To Celebrate Pisces Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Make The Most Of Pisces Season

1. Get to water – Find a way to get to the water! Go to a lake, creek, pond, fish tank, hot springs, hot tub, waterfall, indoor swimming pool, water park, or just take an intentional bath! [50 Ways To Make A Bath Special]
2. Create – Spend time on creative pursuits like drawing, poetry, writing, music, dance, theater, any kind of arts! Relish your time engaging in these activities and patronize the artists who inspire you.
3. Heal – Schedule time for a healing session, like a massage, reiki, energy work, or anything like that. Allow someone to really work on your body 1:1 and give it their full attention in the name of their expertise.
4. Kick bad habits – Try to kick a (bad) habit (i.e. anything you feel you might be addicted to), and try replacing it with a good habit/ritual instead.
5. Try Reflexology – Pay attention to the wonders of reflexology! There are some serious miracles that can occur with this zone therapy — you’d be amazed at how a very pinpoint spot on your thumb can affect an ache on your shoulder! Get your starter reflexology kit here.
6. Be empathic – Channel your empathetic side, and use that to empower other people, enable their passions, and foster harmony in your immediate community.
7. Be aware of synchronicity – Pay attention to synchronicity! There may be repeating numbers, symbols, animals, and messages from the universe right now and its your job to notice them and research what they mean! (There’s a reason why numerology and sites like A-Z Animal Spiritual Meanings exist!)
8. Eat seafood – Incorporate eating more seafood into your diet, and/or if you’re a vegan/vegetarian, also incorporate regular sea salt and pink Himalayan salt into your diet! (PS – Limit alcohol!)
9. Feel nostalgic – Allow yourself to get swept up into feelings of nostalgia, and consider going to your elders to ask for their stories! If you don’t have any older relatives, maybe this is a good time to volunteer at an assisted living home and ask to hear stories! Travel back in time with memories.
10. Be alone – Prioritize your time alone. You definitely are needing to practice a more introverted 1:1 (with yourself) form of self-care this round. Get as introspective as you can! Meditate as much as possible, try hypnotherapy (also great for kicking addictions!), journaling, chanting, yoga, etc.
11. Tune into your psychic abilities – Allow yourself to tap into your own gifts of psychic abilities! This is a time to focus on telepathy, clairvoyance, reading auras, etc. (Crystals that are good for enabling psychic abilities include Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Azurite, Rainbow Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Celestite, and Kyanite.) Or consider going to get a reading from a professional in one of these areas!
12. Daydream – Daydream your butt off. Allow your head to float to the clouds right now, it’s okay! Consider writing down your dreams when you wake up (keeping a dream journal). You can also try Astral Projection if you read up on it and are feeling safe enough to do it! — Bonus, start thinking of ways to turn your dreams into art!
13. Sleep – Speaking of sleep, make time for it! Have good sleep hygiene. Make time for naps as much as you can, recharge as often as possible, and get as many hours as you can every night. Consider starting a nightly routine.
14. Drink up – Hydrate like it’s your job. You don’t just want to be around water, you want to fill your body with water. If that means you need to go out and get yourself a fancy new reusable water bottle and decorate it, then do it! Try drinking half of your weight in ounces every single day and see how you feel!
15. Exfoliate – Exfoliate your skin and release the dead skin you no longer need. Do some great pampering sessions in the name of skin self-care! Lotions, moisturizers, toners, whatever you want.
16. Pay attention to your feet – Get connected to your feet. Yes, definitely get a fancy pedicure and do an Epsom bath soak with flowers, but more than that, do grounding practices. Stomp around the room or, ideally, the actually earth, and say positive affirmations and/or things that are declaring your intentions and/or boundaries with every single step/stomp.
17. Dance – Go to a dance-themed event. This could just be getting friends together to dance around barefoot in the backyard, or you could Google “silent discos”, or when What The Float is coming to a town near you!
18. Escape – Take a retreat or just go escape for the night or weekend. Get a hotel room, a cabin, or go to your parents’ house and turn your phone on airplane mode to hide away from it all in a place where you feel truly comfortable. You’re allowed to disappear.
19. Connect spiritually – Realign yourself with your spirituality. What do you believe in? It’s definitely different than the person to your left and right, because we all have slightly different variations and takes on things, even in organized religions. What do you connect to as a higher being/entity/power? How can you get back to your spirituality? Maybe it just starts with writing down what your spirituality is.
20. Cuddle – Build a cuddle puddle in your house or at an event! This is an amazing addition to any place, and all you have to do is get a mattress/futon/pad, and pile a ton of blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc. on top of it. Invite people in and definitely consider ambiance (LED lights, candles, etc.). Bring in people to cuddle with in your new cuddle puddle and get that Oxytocin flowing.
21. Bring water into the home – Add a something with water into your home. Maybe a fish tank, a simple water feature, a water fountain, an outdoor pond? You could even print out pictures of waterfalls to place them in your home to remind you of water (don’t forget your phone and desktop screensaver)!
22. Be a mermaid – Channel your inner mermaid. Mermaids are becoming more and more popular, but what’s your inner mermaid? What do you look like? What do you wear? What’s your name? How do you speak? How do you move? Where do you spend your time? What are your hobbies? Spend a day channeling a mermaid! [Old posts: Late Night Mermaiding, Mermaid Baptism, Mermaid For A Day]
23. Introspect – Make a goal to release any tension you’re holding onto right now within this time period. Do some energetic work (tapping, journaling, exercising, meditating, etc.) to release the thoughts that you negatively associate to these tensions, and make it a goal to be a lighter human being before we move into Aries season!
24. Cry – Allow yourself the time to cry. Don’t think that crying is a sign of weakness! Make your cries a ritual, where you get really dressed up for it and then release your emotions. You can also place a bowl of water on your altar to represent the tears you’ve cried during this time.
25. Channel Pisces aesthetics – Surround yourself with aquas, greens, lavenders, Hydrangeas, satins, sequins, curves, ellipses, and anything shiny.

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How will you celebrate Pisces season?

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