And just like that we move from Capricorn Season into Aquarius Season! As an Air sign, I’m psyched! I was definitely charged by the Capricorn energy of the new year, but now I’m ready to get weird with it, and that’s something I’m feeling like Aquarius Season can help me out with. As always, mixing things up is good, and the zodiac helps us out with that with plentiful balance so let’s mosey in!

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Aquarius is an Air sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Aquariuses are usually independent, eccentric, energetic, inventive, unpredictable, and very smart. They are usually highly aware of social issues and regarded as progressive and Humanitarians. They can sometimes struggle with genuine displays of emotional expression and can appear “aloof” despite how real they feel like they’re keeping it. They love being with other people and sharing their ideas (if you’re a good listener, you’ll pair well with an Aquarius!), and they tend to dislike being lonely.

Some famous Aquariuses are Oprah Winfrey and Chris Farley. As much as I’m a huge Gemini with multiple placements and very much identify with air signs, I actually only have one Aquarius placement in my chart in my 10th House, which is also my Midheaven. This is the career area of the chart, and the place where we put our public face forward. So the fact that my 10th House/Midheaven is in Aquarius means that my public persona is likely to be unusual, unique, and my individuality is extremely important to me and my career. Many people with this placement are classified as dreamers and idealists. Sounds about right.  (Personally wishing I had more Aquarius-born people in my life. This is my official Personal Ad!)

Aquarius Season is the perfect time to socialize and add more people to my life (ahem above Personal Ad), get up close and personal with your weird side, stand up for issues you believe in, and get all of your electronics and personal digital world in tip top shape! There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Aquarius Season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

25 Ways To Celebrate Aquarius Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Make The Most Of Aquarius Season

1. Meet new people – Join a new group, sign up for a class (even if it’s not a recurring one), and meet new people! This is an amazing time to expand your social circle and meet people you can spend time with or connect with on whatever level you both agree on (texting, writing letters, meeting up once a month for a coffee, going to raves, whatever you’re into)!
2. Get political – Get in touch with your inner activist and make a protest sign that you hang in your window, or even use at a protest/march for an issue you’re passionate about!
3. Go through your material possessions – Double check your personal possessions and make sure they are definitely reflecting your current version of your inner self. Not to get all Marie Kondo on you, but material items are important representations of you and while “sparking joy” is getting a bit played out, it should hold some sort of meaning or connection to who you are or who you are becoming.
4. Purify the air – Since this is an Air sign, let’s purify the air! Open up the windows of your home to let in fresh air, get a humidifier, air purifier, and/or essential oil scent diffuser! I’ve seen some extremely inexpensive options at places like Five Below lately!
5. Update technology – Update any technological software that you’ve been “remind me later”-ing, putting off, or neglecting. Let’s get all your digital software in tip-top shape, and that includes paying for any services you use, or even marking the calendar for when your bills for these services are due! PS – Are you eligible for a phone upgrade?
6. Give – Get into the spirit of generosity, giving, and activism with a random act of kindness but specifically for a person or group of people you don’t necessarily have too much in common with. Reach out to those you don’t necessarily identify with or would invite to your birthday party. It can be your coworkers, someone in a different political party than you, someone you’ve had a disagreement with, whomever! [103 Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness]
7. Get weird – Explore the paranormal world! We’re talking ghosts, aliens, urban myths. You can even add in things from other dimensions/mythical creatures, like unicorns, faeries, gnomes. Or start exploring graveyards!
8. Learn new things – Expand your mind by filling it up with new material. Learn, learn, learn. You can take a class or you can just read! Read books, read articles. You can also try asking people for their perspective on different issues and filling your mind up with new ideas from different walks of life!
9. Protest (Party) – Have a protest party! What better way to combine socializing and activism than to invite some people over to make protest signs or write postcards to politicians about issues you’re passionate about? You can print postcards out and provide supplies like stamps, washi tape, pens, markers, stickers, the addresses for the politicians, snacks, etc. [Check out my Protest Playlist here].
10. Send love and light – Do a meditation during which you imagine beautiful bright light that you then send to someone you love and imagine it covering their body in a loving, healing light. A great introspective, mindful activity that’s also an act of kindness!
11. Smoke cleanse – Use herbs to do a smoke cleanse/smudge (Native American ritual) to cleanse the air of your home of negative energy/vibes and/or of your own aura.
12. Take care of your feet and ankles – Pay extra attention to your feet, ankles, and calves during this time! Do some stretching and strengthening exercises on this area of your body, and maybe even treat yourself to a new pair of shoes (bonus points if they’re either extra expressive of your personality or super supportive of your feet)!
13. Get fancy with tech – Invest in Smart technology and really make your electronics more efficient. Consider lights that are connected to Wifi so you can turn them on when you’re out instead of leaving them on all day, LED bulbs, solar powered motion-censored outdoor lights, etc. There are now also things like Smart thermostats, Smart locks, and Smart pet feeders. Will these investments make your life easier and in time save you money and energy? This is the time to consider it and make the upgrade! PS – Have you considered a Google Home, Alexa, etc. type home assistant?
14. Explore your uniqueness – Really get weird with yourself in your own way. What do you like to do that’s considered unusual? Explore that deeply and remember weird isn’t bad, it’s beautiful! Is it a sexual fetish? Witchcraft? Your fashion sense? A specific collection or hobby? Something you’re building? The way you want to decorate your home? Where you want to travel to? DO IT NOW. [50 Ways To Be Weird]
15. Let your feelings out – This isn’t a Water sign (ruled by emotions), but the goddess/symbol of Aquarius is the Water Bearer (see my picture where I’m letting water flow out of a giant vase?), so this is a reminder to let emotions flow freely and without judgment. The only caveat is to be a little bit mindful and protective of them in regards to who you share them with (like maybe letting yourself leave the party instead of being vulnerable in front of people you don’t know during a huge cathartic cry; just a suggestion).
16. Let that Water Bearer Babe do her job – Let the Water Bearer hold the emotions for you if you need her to. Also consider turning those emotions into something in a cathartic way — like art!
17. Take care of the earth – Consider your Carbon Footprint and how you’re impacting Mother Earth. How can you help protect and heal the environment? Make steps like carrying around reusable sporks and straws to use at fast food places, not getting plastic carryout packaging, or choosing eco-friendly brands like moonmagic to begin the process of becoming more conscious of how you’re actions are affecting the Earth we live on and share.
18. Get back to basics – Use grassroots efforts to get the word out about an issue that’s important to you. I’m talking about guerrilla art, baby! Make stickers, flyers, posters, whatever (wheatpaste is a great environmentally friendly adhesive) to spread the word on the streets about politics, human rights issues, social justice, etc. Take it a step further and do some performance art and you’ll forever have my heart!
19. Write a letter to your future self – Write something that you can read this time next year about who you are now, what you want to accomplish by this time next year, what the state of the world (politics, environment, etc.) is like right now, who your friends are, and what you’re passionate about learning/what you’d like to keep learning about. You can also write it in an e-mail and have it delivered to you whenever you want using the service FutureMe.
20. Innovate – Put your ideas into action and invent something! This is a time to harness the energy of a truly Fixed sign, which means taking advantage of being steadfast with your goals, plans, deadlines, to do lists, etc. If you’re going to change the world with something new, now is the time to at least get it rolling.
21. Work with others – Consider a coworking space! More and more of us are working from home, whether it’s remotely or running our own business, and while that’s amazing and freeing, it can sometimes be very beneficial to get out of the house. Not just for a change of pace/scenery, fresh air, new focus, etc., but for the added social element! Having a reason to get dressed and interact with people, even twice a month can be really energizing and exciting!
22. Practice tolerance – Demonstrate tolerance with your own actions. Our world in some ways is becoming more progressive than ever, but in some ways has fallen behind the times in ways we never could have guessed which is frightening and sad. First things first: demonstrate tolerance all day every day starting with yourself and your own actions and words. Correct people when they are wrong, and try doing it from a place of understanding and education, because you’re way more likely to get people to jump over to your ship if you’re not attacking them. Also — if you have privilege, USE IT. USE IT TO END YOUR PRIVILEGE.
23. Be vulnerable – Put yourself out there in a vulnerable way. Be yourself as much as you can. Ignite your flame. Release any worries of judgment you have about what other people think about you or how they perceive you. Run wild and free.
24. Get out of your comfort zone – Take an uncomfortable leap, make that transformation, and have ultimate faith in the universe that she’s going to catch you on a gorgeous, airy cloud. This is that time.
25. Channel Aquarius energy – Cover your life in blues, purples, and indigos, metals, glasses, and wires, vases, triangle-shapes, and sculptures. Eat oranges, ginger, and dark chocolate. Listen to experimental and ambient music.

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How will you celebrate Aquarius season?

Photos: Maura Housley