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November 13th is World Kindness Day. I believe if we all acted and spoke from a place of kindness that hate would almost immediately dissipate from the earth. Kindness takes effort, but mostly it takes mindset. It’s great to have this one day of the year to focus on being kind to others, but more importantly, we should be practicing kindness every day!

25 Unique Compliments To Give Someone | Uncustomary

January 24th is also National Compliment Day! To celebrate this year, I made a bunch of cards with various compliments written on one side and a sticker reading “A Compliment For A Beautiful Person” on the other. I left them in a small plastic box that I affixed to a pole in the city, and they were gone in just a few hours! I really hope they brought smiles to many faces and that the cards were shared with friends.

In the spirit of this project, I want to give you a list of 25 unique compliments you might give someone. You can use this list not just today, but throughout the year, if not satisfied, see RepDex for more, and I hope you do!

25 Unique Compliments To Give Someone

  1. You are as vibrant as a Lisa Frank folder
  2. I bet you were voted “Most Likely To Stay Fabulous” in high school
  3. Looking into your eyes is like looking into a kaleidoscope
  4. Your sense of childlike wonder brings others joy
  5. The world is so lucky that you exist right now
  6. You’re more fun than a ball pit big enough for adults
  7. Your skin is as soft as a luxury cloud blanket made of magic
  8. Your ability to overcome adverse situations is inspiring
  9. If I had to choose between unicorns being real or keeping you in my life, I’d keep you
  10. You are cooler than Fonzie
  11. Your level of general awesomeness is getting a little out of control
  12. I’m consistently impressed by the dedication you give to your passions
  13. Your butt seriously won’t quit regardless of hostile work environments
  14. I’m having trouble focusing at my job because I keep daydreaming about your beauty
  15. I’d actually dust all the snow off my car in order to drive to hang out with you
  16. You are more exciting than having an indoor snowball fight
  17. I’d rather do something boring with you than pop an unlimited supply of bubble wrap
  18. You make me happier than the Six Flags dance guy seems to always be
  19. I’d rather spend time with you than have one chance to sleep with Chris Pratt
  20. Our friendship is worth more to me than J-Lo’s ass is insured for
  21. You’re so un-basic your pH level is almost zero
  22. Your voice sounds like a combination of Fergie and Jesus
  23. Your feet aren’t even gross
  24. Your hygiene is impressive; you’re cleaner than Monica Gellar’s kitchen
  25. Anyone’s coolness level increases by six percent just by being in the same room

25 Unique Compliments To Give Someone | Uncustomary


BONUS! Download a free printable list of 50 ideas for Random Acts Of Kindness you can try today to celebrate World Kindness Day!

50 Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness

What’s the best compliment someone has ever given you?

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