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All of our emotions are imperative for a well-rounded and healthy human experience. While a happy life is the ultimate goal, you still need to experience those “negative” emotions like fear, anger, and sadness. Knowing what these emotions feel like can make our joyful moments even more special.

Sometimes feeling upset, low, and sad doesn’t seem as fleeting as we’d like, though, and it lingers longer than we feel comfortable with. I’ve come up with a list of things for you to try to try to shake the blues because you always have the opportunity to turn your day (and mood) around!

These are not cures for mental illness, including depression.

100 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down

  1. Pick or buy flowers (or send them to yourself at work)
  2. Hang twinkle lights in your room
  3. Write what’s bothering you on paper and burn it with a lighter or in a bonfire
  4. Take a B12 supplement
  5. Get a pedicure complete with foot massage
  6. Blow bubbles out of the window of a moving car
  7. Go outside, even if it’s just for a walk around the neighborhood
  8. Let yourself cry and get feelings out
  9. Draw a heart on your face with lipstick
  10. Say “screw it” to your to do list and go do something fun
  11. Write/draw something happy on your sidewalk with chalk
  12. Get yourself a coloring book and new set of crayons and go to town
  13. Rent a bike and go for a ride and remember what it feels like to move fast above the earth with the wind in your hair
  14. Do some simple yoga poses like sun salutations and warrior poses
  15. Write a letter to your future self
  16. Have a selfie photoshoot in your most glamorous outfit/make-up
  17. Binge watch a TV show from your adolescence
  18. Lay outside to soak up sun and watch the clouds
  19. Call in sick to work, they’ll be okay
  20. Don’t listen to sad music, look out for your fragile emotions
  21. Hide in a fort you build with sheets and cushions
  22. Bring out film from your childhood and laugh at old memories
  23. Eat a bar of dark chocolate (the more pure cocoa the better!)
  24. Read a very good book that’s been strongly recommended to you by someone you love or one you already know you love
  25. Take a nap during the day with a very soft blanket
  26. Masturbate with an awesome sex toy (using a realistic dildo is a great way to get started)
  27. Visit the aquarium and linger with the underwater life
  28. Go to Lush and ask to sample a bunch of good smelling, sparkly lotions
  29. Pop the shit out of some bubble wrap
  30. Google pictures of hot people (Chris Pratt and Zooey Deschannel are my go-to’s)
  31. Organize some of your digital files
  32. Order delivery for dinner so you don’t even need to get out of your pajamas
  33. Smell or rub some essential oils with citrus flavors on your skin (like orange, grapefruit, and lemon) which help with sadness and stress
  34. Make yourself a hot drink in a cute mug
  35. Go to a place where you can put your toes in a body of water
  36. Scream really loud until you cry, laugh, or gasp for breath
  37. Work on making an elaborate homemade gift for someone else
  38. Journal about how you feel and how you wish you felt
  39. Pet and/or cuddle an animal
  40. Cross something off your bucket list
  41. Fly a kite, they’re actually pretty cheap at toy stores
  42. Visit a library and smell old books
  43. Find a photobooth and sit in one as much as you can afford it
  44. Wear a mini top hat all day
  45. Go to a wig shop and try on a bunch of different hairstyles and colors
  46. Actually go get your hair cut and/or colored in a more permanent way by a professional
  47. Go get an ice cream in a bowl and put the cone on top like a hat
  48. Order multiple orders of mozzarella sticks at TGIFridays
  49. Bubble bath with a bath bomb that turns your water crazy cool colors
  50. Flirt with everyone
  51. Dance naked all over your house, Abbi style
  52. Put on a bald cap and then a toupee
  53. Type a letter on a typewriter, listen to the click clack sounds and ding of the carriage return
  54. Make a s’more, even if it’s just over your stove
  55. Watch a feel-good movie
  56. Stargaze and try to find constellations while thinking about how huge the universe is
  57. Throw a coin into a fountain and make a wish
  58. Check in at a hotel for the night and pamper the crap out of yourself, even room service if you can afford it
  59. Leave yourself a very nice voicemail to listen to later
  60. Unplug yourself from the internet and the world and just relax and remember what it’s like to be a person sans screen
  61. Walk around a garden or a nursery to smell and take photos of gorgeous flowers
  62. Fingerpaint and award yourself based on how messy you get
  63. Wear all of your jewelry at once and go to the local convenience store just to buy a drink
  64. Write “I am beautiful” on your mirror with your finger so it shows when it gets foggy or with a window/dry erase marker
  65. Start saying “That’s Dank City” whenever something is awesome and don’t worry about who that annoys
  66. Buy yourself a (bouquet of) balloon(s)
  67. Cuddle with a friend or lover, get all that oxytocin up in your brain (the “cuddle chemical”)
  68. Go next door and start singing your favorite Christmas song very loudly, even if it’s not December
  69. Put your hair in pigtails and tie ribbons or fuzzy pom poms on either side
  70. Go dancing at a gay bar
  71. Take a page from a magazine, book, or the internet and make some black out poetry
  72. Make a crown of wild flowers and wear it in your hair
  73. Make a fake infomercial for a fake product in a fake accent
  74. Go to an estate sale and look through someone’s treasures
  75. Cover a wall in your room with photographs
  76. Make a list of three goals you want to accomplish today, and remember they can be very small and simple goals
  77. Go to a thrift store with a friend and have a contest to see who can wear the most ridiculous 80’s outfit
  78. Walk barefoot through sand, tall grass, or just out to the mailbox
  79. Do some weird performance art on a street corner
  80. Play a boardgame with a group of friends
  81. Teach yourself the Thriller, Time Warp, or Evolution Of Dance dance
  82. Deep Google someone you find inspiring
  83. Buy, write on, and send ten postcards to friends’ snail mail addresses
  84. Browse a weird discount/wholesale/liquidator store for some super weird, old, discontinued treasures
  85. Watch an excessive amount of cute cat videos
  86. Hold a lithium quartz crystal which is helpful with fighting sadness and stress, and finding peace and harmony
  87. Go to a sports bar and scream “City Name, Sports Team!” at the televisions
  88. Teach yourself five new words (even if they’re just from Urban Dictionary or in another language)
  89. Turn your hand into a face and put on a puppet show
  90. Make your own pom poms or tassels out of yarn or flowers out of cardstock or tissue paper
  91. Visit a playground and get on the swings
  92. Yell “Fuck It!” out loud with your arms up towards the sky
  93. Write a positive haiku on a bathroom wall
  94. Get yourself a harmonica, kazoo, or simple percussion instrument and make some really terrible music
  95. Put a bunch of glitter on your eyes, face, and skin
  96. Make a list of things you’re grateful for and lucky to have in your life
  97. Buy and wear sexy underwear
  98. Watch stand-up comedy you find hilarious and cackle unattractively
  99. Wrap yourself up in soft blankets like a burrito and wiggle around
  100. Move your mouth into a smile for sixty seconds to trick your brain

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