Weddings, birthdays, and graduations are great reasons to plan an elaborate party but what if the next celebration scribbled in your calendar isn’t for six more months? Does that mean you’re not going to party for half a year because you’re waiting for a Hallmark reason? That’s silly! (Unless you hate celebrating things, in which case you’re not going to like this post.)

The truth is, being alive is a reason to celebrate. I remember when I was writing my funeral plans people told me that party sounded like a hell of a time and it was sad I wouldn’t get to experience it. Then someone suggested I throw that party for my 30th birthday instead of waiting till I die. I thought that was a great idea, but also a great larger concept for life. Why wait to party?

I’ve already made you a list of 100 reasons to celebrate life, those are prompts for things a little more simple. Bringing your own umbrellas for your beverages at a restaurant doesn’t take much planning or money. The list of party ideas I’m sharing with you today is for more elaborate and thought-out celebrations that might require some people, decorations, and a place to do activities. Keep in mind lots of these things can be little to no money, you just have to be creative. So check out this list of reasons to have a party! You can also look at them as themes.

100 Reasons To Have A Party

1. Half birthday
2. Rainbow
3. Photobooth
4. Tiki
5. Women/Feminism
6. Earth Day
7. Black light
8. Carnival/circus
9. Reunion
10. Gingerbread house
11. Witches/Magic
12. Magicians
13. Brunch
14. Decades
15. Meme/YouTube
16. Monsters
17. Graduation
18. Sea/ocean
19. Snail Mail
20. Friday the 13th
21. Comic books
22. Disco
23. Tie-dye
24. Pastel
25. Board games
26. St. Patrick’s Day
27. Fast food
28. Seven deadly sins
29. Drag
30. Engagement
31. Art
32. Confetti
33. Surprise

100 Reasons To Have A Party | Uncustomary

34. Pool/swimming
35. Cats
36. Five senses
37. Christmas
38. Housewarming
39. Movies/Cinema
40. Unicorns
41. Toga
42. Costume
43. Super heroes
44. American (parody)
45. Neon
46. Dinosaurs
47. Slumber/sleepover
48. BBQ
49. Zombies/apocalypse
50. New baby/pregnancy
51. Tea
52. Bachelor/bachelorette
53. Luau
54. Halloween
55. Friends
56. Viewing (awards show, sports game)
57. Poker/casino like 30 darmowych spinów
58. Singles
59. Candy
60. Lingerie
61. Water gun/balloon fight
62. Based-on-a-book/TV show/movie
63. Kink
64. Wedding
65. Astronomy/space
66. Tailgate

100 Reasons To Have A Party | Uncustomary

67. Valentine’s Day
68. Mermaids
69. Analog
70. Farewell
71. New Year’s Eve
72. Pirate
73. Murder mystery
74. Wine
75. Mardi Gras
76. Pajama
77. Cartoons
78. Glow in the dark
79. Welcome home
80. Divorce
81. Dia De Los Muertos
82. Burner
83. Karaoke
84. LAN
85. Beer pong
86. Dance
87. Easter
88. Silent disco/dance party
89. Sex toy
90. Bubble Wrap
91. Flamingos
92. Mini golf
93. Birthday
94. Foam
95. May Day
96. Naked
97. 4th of July
98. Solstice/Equinox
99. Subway
100. Black tie

It can be overwhelming to plan any type of party. I made you a party planning checklist! Get it for free below!

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What’s your favorite kind of party? What kind of party do you want to throw next?

Photo 1: Maura Housley; Photo 2: April’s Twisted Entertainment