Monochrome Party Supplies

I’m obviously a huge fan of color, but sometimes it can be fun to focus in on just one color and create a unique monochrome scene. For the past (almost year!) I’ve collected party supplies every month in a the same color to do a photoshoot with. After eight months, the project is done, and […]

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April’s 40th Birthday Blowout

I met April out of sheer luck at a time in my life when I was saying yes to absolutely everything. I had no idea how lucky I was when I first met her that day in her newly-moved-in house, as I yarnbombed the handrails of her basement stairs because she wanted people to turn […]

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This Is About You Book Launch Party

Publishing my first book deserved a party. I probably should have spent that money on getting a publicist or something, but that can wait. I had to celebrate. And we celebrated hard. We had lots of interactive booths where you could get your face painted, Tarot cards read, or an amazing seated massage. You could customize […]

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100 Reasons To Have A Party

Weddings, birthdays, and graduations are great reasons to plan an elaborate party but what if the next celebration scribbled in your calendar isn’t for six more months? Does that mean you’re not going to party for half a year because you’re waiting for a Hallmark reason? That’s silly! (Unless you hate celebrating things, in which […]

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