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Loving yourself for who you are and leading a happy life are great goals, but they’re not always easy ones.

Anything related to building self-esteem, expressing yourself, or finding happiness are things I can help you with.

I’m Mary England, and it’s my passion to make other people happy and teach them how to love and accept themselves. After struggling with mental illness for twenty years and working in and studying the field of psychology for five, I decided to start the business Uncustomary to share my personal and professional experience with mental health in a way that translates into self-help.

I’m here to show you how to love who you are, express yourself, and embrace your inner weird. I want to remind you what it’s like to play out in the street with the wonder of a child. I want to take your hand, and tell you sincerely that you are beautiful.

Stop wishing for the happy life you want, and make things happen now!

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