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Your Mind Is Too Narrow For My Bountiful Body (Free Sign) | Uncustomary

If someone ever takes the time to criticize your body, to tell you what they dislike about it, or how it could be better if you “just did this”…

If someone sits down to write you a comment on the internet with the sole intention of hurting your feelings under the cloak of “looking out for your health” (when really it’s their own insecurities we should be working on improving so they don’t keep bullying people)…

If someone won’t date you, have sex with you, or even hang out with you because of what you look like…

If someone gives you guilt trips about what you’re eating because they think you should be dieting. If someone doesn’t support your part in the body positivity movement, or right to take provocative or just plain nude photos and post them wherever you want…

If someone doesn’t support your body, they don’t support you.

I’ve made this sign into a free download below, so you can print it out, hang it up, or wave it at people.

You can also just steal the message and tell them that their mind is too narrow for your bountiful body.
Or you can ignore their ignorance and walk away.

All bodies are supported in this space.


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Photo: Maura Housley Design: Joe Dissolvo