We’re constantly being told what is attractive and what isn’t. Billions of dollars are made every year, just from us buying products that are marketed to prey on our insecurities. I want to remind you that you are always allowed to buy any product you want and engage in any activities you want. Just make sure you know in your heart why you’re doing something. You deserve to say no to things just as much as you deserve to say yes.

Your Body, Your Rules | Uncustomary

Here are twenty ways you are allowed to embrace your body. It’s your body, so you get to decide the rules you go by. You are also always allowed to change your mind about what those rules are.

You are allowed to…

  • You are allowed to shave any part of your body you want
  • Let hair grow an any part or your body you want
  • Wear clothes that don’t “flatter” your shape
  • Wear a bikini no matter what your body type is
  • Dye your hair
  • Wear a push up bra
  • Wear no bra at all
  • Have multiple )or no) sexual partners
  • Have priorities other than what you feel pressured to focus on
  • Say no to any physical touch you’re uncomfortable with, including hugs
  • Be proud of your body
  • Get angry about society’s beauty standards
  • Wear clothing not marketed for your biological gender
  • Use whatever bathroom makes you the most comfortable
  • Use the word “fat” as descriptor, not a derogative one
  • Stop weighing yourself
  • Not take part in diets
  • Cover as much or little skin as you want
  • Not apologize for bodily functions
  • Take as many selfies as you want

Your Body, Your Rules | Uncustomary

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What rules do you have for your body?