Today I’m releasing a new service I’m pretty excited about called Letter To Your Future Self.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get something in the mail from your past self? I’m here to bring you that magic!

All you have to do is write a letter to yourself, get it to me, and I will mail it to you in the future time frame of your choosing.

Letter To Yourself | Uncustomary

You can handwrite or type the letter and you can choose between three, six, nine, and twelve months. Do a little work now and surprise future self later with a bit of happiness!

Your envelope will include the letter to yourself and additional paper goody surprises!

Does this sound awesome to you? Good, cuz it is. I think I’ve answered all your questions on the official sales page. Let me know if you have additional ones, though! I know this is a new thing so feel free to clarify anything!

Letter To Yourself | Uncustomary