I can tell you what self love is, I can tell you why having a positive attitude will help you practice self love, and I can even make you a list of songs that talk about self love, but why should you bother caring about the subject at all? Why should you read articles about self love let alone start practicing it in your own life?

3 Reasons Why You Should Practice Self Love | Uncustomary

Here’s three reasons why you should practice self love

You’re the only one you can truly count on

Your family members, significant others, and friends might be the most trustworthy, caring, and supportive people in the whole world but you really never know what’s going to happen. You’re the only person you’re going to have to live with for the rest of your life with total certainty. You also always have to be in your own company. Doesn’t it seem miserable to always have to be in the company of someone who doesn’t love you twenty-four/seven till the day you die?

Life is short and you are small

This sounds kind of harsh, but it’s true. You live on a planet in a solar system inside a galaxy full of 100 billion stars besides the sun you’re used to seeing set every evening, and our galaxy is just one of a hundred other billion in the universe. The earth is just a speck in this massive universe, and you’re even smaller. I don’t say this to depress you, I say it to inspire you. Your existence is tiny, but it’s equally as important as every other existence in the universe. There is no reason to not take total advantage of the short time you have on this miraculous planet. Make the most of it, and a great way to start doing that is to love the mind and body you’ve been blessed with, because you could just not exist at all.

You deserve it

Besides the fact that your existence is equally important to everyone else’s, you do a lot as a human person. You get up every day, deal with people, go to work or school, find ways to feed yourself a few times, think your thoughts, complete projects, use your body to transport yourself around, and relax enough to go to fall asleep every night. It’s really easy to not do stuff, but you’re doing stuff and that’s worthy of praise and love. You are awesome, weird, and beautiful and you deserve love, make sure that you’re giving it to yourself first.

Okay, why do you think we should be practicing self love?

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