We live in a world where a lot of people measure each other’s worth from the posts and stories shared on Instagram. Everything is about how cool you are. Which new restaurant you visited last weekend, which brand your handbag is, where did you take your last holiday! 

Doesn’t matter if you are happy in real life, but the reel needs to be fabulous. 

So, why do we need self-love in a world of social media? 

All the buzz of social media creates a lot of negativity and self-doubt. We are always comparing ourselves to others, measuring our achievements vs their. Many of us feel we aren’t good enough, or aren’t as successful enough. And then, we often put up a fake life for the world to see. 

We tend to become harsher to our own selves and this kind of behavior can have a lasting effect on our personality. That is why it is crucial that we love ourselves for exactly who we are, irrespective of what others think. 

Simple changes that will help you cope with the world of social media

Below are a few simple changes you can make to cope with social media. 

Unfollow the haters

This is something in our real life, so why should it be any different on social media. 

Unfollow all the people who you believe spread hate and negativity on their social media feed or in the form of comments on your posts/stories. 

Stop comparing yourself to others

The reason why social media became a negative place is because we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. We need to understand that not everyone is fighting the same battles, going through the same problems, or have the same amount of resources at their disposal. Since nothing is the same, of course your life will look different from your friend from school.

Give yourself a break

We often get so involved in the digital world that we forget it has a direct impact on our real life. So, it is important to disconnect from social media regularly especially when the negativity gets too much to handle. 

If you cannot disconnect completely, limit your screen time to a few apps that you believe will add happiness to your day. 

Get the heart pumping

An easy way of giving yourself a break and getting the heart pumping is by doing a physical activity you might enjoy. This could be playing with your pet, meeting your friends for a sport you enjoy, or getting in a small workout on your exercise bike with arms or under bed treadmill while watching Netflix. 

Taking a pre-workout without beta-alanine will also help you focus and maximize your workout session.

Prioritize yourself 

The last and the most important thing I would like to mention is that you need to prioritize yourself irrespective of the situation you’re in. No one will ever know your life better than you. Good or bad. So be kind to yourself!

Author Info: By healthyandkhush.com

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