Since the advent and advancement of technology, many aspects of life have been altered dramatically. Many things that seemed challenging have become easier and more accessible. This especially refers to students who sometimes have to combine work and study. A huge number of writing assignments make their life much more complicated. Thanks to technological development, they cannot copy and paste things from the Internet and present it as their work. Many AI tools and assignment writing services have been created to lessen the burden on students’ shoulders. Those tools allow text generation using specific keywords and about a chosen topic. ChatGPT is one such tool. Despite the fact that it is a new phenomenon in the market, it has managed to attract many users’ attention. How can it be used? What are their main differences? These and other questions arise in your head when you come across them. Read more writepaper com review. 

Pros and Cons of GPTchat

What is ChatGPT? It is an AI tool that generates texts. They can be used in many aspects of life, such as content creation, assignment writing, etc. Below are mentioned the main advantages and disadvantages of this AI tool. 


  • ChatGPT is free. Compared to a paid assignment writing service, which are paid, ChatGPT is free, and everyone can use it. However, you must purchase the premium membership if you want to upgrade your account and unlock all the features. 
  • It has an attractive design. The taskbar is neatly organized, and you may not encounter any technical problems while using the website. Everything is straightforward and quick. 
  • The texts are generated within seconds. So you’ll get the ready text in a flash, saving time and energy. 


  • Generates not original text. AI cannot create a text from anything; make it unique and original. Thus, if you are looking for something new and extraordinary, there are better options than ChatGPt. 
  • Anti-plagiarism problem. Certain tools can detect any usage of AI. ChatZero is one of them and can check whether AI is used in writing. 
  • Low-quality. When you use a chatbot, you may question the quality of the provided text. The inaccuracy of the information is indicated as one of the main limitations of this AI. 
  • Disability to handle complicated tasks. GPTChat is not able to create difficult texts or understand complicated demands. 
  • Technical errors. When using this AI tool, it is possible to have some technical problems in your writing that will negatively impact your overall writing. 

Pros and Cons of Assignment Writing Services

What refers to a assignment writing service also have their benefits and flaws. 


  • Customized text. A professional writer can make the text meet your requirements in style, tone, format, etc. So, you can ask them to create any text. This is not possible with ChatGPT. 
  • Plagiarism check report. When you apply for assignment writing help, you can be sure your writing will be completely original. No AI will be able to detect and label it as plagiarism. 
  • Privacy. You can be sure that your identity will be kept secret, and no one will ever know that you have applied to them unless you decide to tell someone. 
  • Range of services. You can opt for this kind of service for any writing, from essays to dissertations or theses. 
  • Better understanding. When you apply to a professional writer, you will be sure that they will help you understand the topic from a different point of view and hone your understanding of it. 


  • Services are not free. You must pay some money depending on the volume and other essential factors like deadline and complexity level. However, the prices are reasonable, and paying is also important if you want to get high-quality work. 
  •  Needs revision. Ultimately, you should check and give your opinion about the overall writing. If you do not like some points, you may ask to change them.
  • Time. Unlike AI writing, human texts cannot be done within seconds. It needs time, and it depends on the kind of assignment. 

How Popular Is Each of Them?

Both ChatGPT and best essay writing services are quite popular among users. Everything depends on the situation and aim. There are certain cases when open AI is a good option, especially when you are not supposed to create something unique or original. AI can help create some content; however, a word limit should be considered. The texts generated by ChatGPT cannot be more than 4096 words. This is not the case with assignment writing services. They can create any text of any volume. 


On balance, ChatGPT and assignment writing services have a certain role in the market. Although the former is a new player, it can be an irreplaceable tool for some limited occasions. Moreover, you will even be expelled if you use it for your university studies. Thus, staying safe and never trusting AI writing in critically critical situations would be better.