When hiring an educational staffing agency, there are several things you should expect. First, you can expect the staffing agency to initiate a process that finds the right candidates. Second, you can expect certain benefits from hiring a school staffing agency.

Expect to Save Time And Money

Staffing agencies save schools hundreds of dollars by finding the right candidates. It costs money to hire and train new employees. 

By eliminating the hiring process, staffing agencies save schools money and time. Schools can then focus on training the right individuals that will help the school succeed. 

Expect Additional Resources

Schools can expect additional help and resources from a staffing agency. An educational staffing agency has available candidates on file who are waiting to hear from them about new opportunities in their chosen field.

If a school is short staffed and in desperate need to fill several positions, a staffing agency can find or at least recruit multiple candidates to fill those positions.

Staffing agencies can also pair schools with candidates that have certain qualifications as the school needs. For example, if a school is looking for a new vice principal, but prefers someone with a background in psychology and extended experience as a leader, a staffing agency can help the school find their perfect candidate.

Expect Results

Staffing agencies find candidates and produce results. They follow a rigorous procedure in order to find the right people to hire. Their process includes recruiting, testing and interviewing, final screening, selecting, hiring.

Once a staffing agency receives a resume, the staffing agency contacts the potential employee and starts the interviewing and testing process right away. The interviewing and testing process takes approximately two days to complete. 

Once they accomplish these steps, the staffing agency screens each individual. This process includes background checks, gathering referrals from references, and further insight about potential hires.

On average, it takes a week for a staffing agency to find new employees.

Expect New Employees 

Since staffing agencies produce results, schools can expect to find new, qualified staff when they need it. Staffing agencies will provide schools with skilled individuals who have something to offer. 

Staffing agencies work with schools to not only help them fill a position, but to fulfill a need, which is to educate or provide for their students.

When you hire a school staffing agency, you can expect to save time and money, receive additional resources, results, new employees, and also understanding. 

When working with a school staffing agency, you can also expect to work with someone who understands education and the delicate needs of a school.