I love myself, and I want all of you to love yourselves too, but that doesn’t mean I’m not self aware! What am I bad at? A lot of things! It’s okay to recognize things you’re not naturally skilled in, as long as you realize that doesn’t distract from the things you’re great at. The other day I had to change my shirt three times before I left the house because I kept spilling things on it (food, make-up, etc.) and then I got an e-mail saying that I was the most professional blogger someone had ever worked with. I’m just saying that even though I’m a messy eater doesn’t mean I can’t also be a bad ass business bitch.

Things I'm Bad At | Uncustomary Art

Things I’m Bad At

 eating food without spilling it on myself
 taking everything seriously
 feeling the need to wash my hands
 remembering to move my clothes from the washer to the dryer
 buying electronics based on customer reviews vs. how pretty they are
 waking up early
 making a mix CD without putting something ridiculous on it
 knowing what tool to use, or even what different ones are called
 working a new television or any type of electrical equipment
 cooking, or anything involving the preparation of food
 wearing pants for periods longer than twenty minutes
 eating spicy foods
 throwing things away
 distinguishing between navy and grey
 utilizing purses that are smaller than a Labrador
 remembering to turn on the TV to watch a show at the right time
 using rotating doors
 knowing what not to ask people
 being subtle

Things I'm Bad At | Uncustomary Art

And just so we don’t leave on a negative note, here’s a little self love, AKA list of ten things I’m good at!

Things I’m Good At

 gulping (yellow) Gatorade down quickly
 getting people to dance who wouldn’t usually
 being prepared with strange supplies
 parking in a parallel spot
 seeing faces in inanimate objects
 quoting TV shows in daily life
 keeping red hair dye in my hair
 giving compliments
 getting permanent marker off a white board

What are you really good (and bad) at?

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