Dating a single mom is a completely different experience than hooking up with young girls without any attachments. When a woman has a kid, she doesn’t put her man on a pedestal and instead focuses all her attention on the young one. Then again, these ladies are usually compassionate and will care about you, even if they don’t have enough time to show it.

For some men, dating foreign ladies is even better than hooking up with single moms. If you’re one of those guys, you can find mail-order spouses online at websites that specialize in international, for-marriage dating to meet your future wife without any hassle.

Anyway, in this article provided by dating experts from Brides Universe, we’ll talk more about the concept of dating single moms and all its pros and cons. Hopefully, this information will help you decide whether you want to embark on a journey with one of these ladies.

Pros of Dating Single Moms

While dating single moms is often ridiculed online, there are lots of good reasons why you’d want to date one of these women.

  • Straightforward

When a woman has a child, she doesn’t have enough time to mess around with you, unlike younger girls. These ladies are extremely direct in their communication and will tell you right away what they expect from a relationship and what they can offer you. This can be a breath of fresh air for guys who are used to mixed signals and unspoken emotions.

  • Less Time on the Phone

Given everything just mentioned, these women don’t spend their entire days on their phones. Yes, they will take a breather here and there, but most of them aren’t interested in leaving endless Instagram stories and posting TikToks.

Among other things, they won’t have as much time for messaging. As they have lots of other things to deal with, they won’t hassle guys with various pics. Instead, they are much more likely to call their partners and set up a date. Most men will appreciate this, as they aren’t that big on phones.

  • Very Independent

Another common thing for single moms is that they’re very independent. Over the years, they’ve been used to handling things by themselves, without any assistance from their partners. You can notice this behavior in various situations, from paying for food to driving the car and cleaning the house.

When you’re with one of these ladies, you don’t have to hold her hand at all times. They’re almost completely self-sufficient, which means less work for you. In fact, she might even help you out with some of your stuff.

  • Compassionate

It’s safe to say that someone who has a kid is compassionate. Most of these women love their children with their entire being and use them as the focal point of their existence. They often pass this emotion to their partners during dating making them feel loved and appreciated.  

  • Seeking Stability

The last thing a single mom needs is drama, as she already has enough of that at home. These ladies just want a partner who will support them in their day-to-day and won’t increase their stress levels. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re always calm, as they might burst every once in a while.

  • Strong Work Ethic

Someone who has a kid has to be a hard-working person. Single moms juggle numerous activities during the day, rarely having a spare moment for themselves. Even if their parents help with the child, they’re usually all over the place, cleaning the home, going to work, and feeding the infant.

  • Quality Time

As they have so little time on their hands, single moms usually appreciate every free moment. They make the most out of their dates and other activities as they never know when they’re going to repeat them. Because of that, they’re much more appreciative of their partners and make for better companions.

Cons of Dating Single Moms

Many guys still prefer women who have no baggage and can spend a lot of time with them. That being said, these are the things that men don’t like about single moms.

  • Grumpy

Someone who has this much on her plate has to be a bit grumpy. On average, single moms are moodier than women without a kid and might have more emotional outbursts (despite the fact they might be more mature). Then again, this might vary from case to case and depending on her other obligations.

  • Spoilt Child

The worst thing that can happen is you starting to date a mom and she’s great, only to discover her kid is unruly. As the child becomes a part of your life, you’ll also have to deal with its character and, more importantly, flaws. So, if it turns out that a kid is completely out of control, you’ll be the one who will feel it on your skin the most.

Of course, this isn’t the only issue you might encounter when dealing with the child. The kid might actively work against you, jealous that you’re dating its mom. It might act out whenever you visit or might enter your room purposely when you’re having sex. All in all, you can expect all sorts of problems.

  • Lack of Energy

Although single moms generally have more energy in their tank compared to other women their age, they often feel fatigued. This can affect guys directly and indirectly, as she won’t have enough energy to see you or have sex. Furthermore, if you’re outgoing, this means you will rarely have the opportunity to do these things with her.

  • Another Obligation

Calling a kid an “obligation” does sound a bit harsh, but it is still the truth. A mom with a child will spend much less time with you, unlike a regular girl, she won’t be able to plan vacation, or hang around for hours without end. So, if you’re a young man still looking for adventure and excitement, single moms are probably not for you.

  • Bond with Kid

When you’re in a relationship with a single mom, you’ll also create a bond with her child. Unfortunately, this can be a problem if you one day decide to break up. Not only will you be heartbroken for losing the mother, but you’ll also lose that bond with a kid, which will further the blow.

Should I Date a Single Mom?

Turning single moms into new girlfriends or brides is a tricky proposal. These ladies live a much different life where everything revolves around the child. So, don’t be surprised if she’s moody, has low energy, or gives you less and less attention as the relationship progresses.

Ultimately, it is your choice whether or not to date these ladies. While there’s a way to make things work, it’s usually more complicated than dating women who are single.