Hey there. How’s your week going? It’s been snowing lately, even though it’s Spring! What is that about?! It’s rude is what it is. Anyway, today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. What are you gonna do about it? What should we celebrate? Let’s celebrate all the things!

And yes, it’s Wednesday! That means that it’s time for the weekly photo contest. Today, I’m asking you to take a picture of something yellow. Sometime today, take a picture and upload it to social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram are all fine). Be sure to tag me in it, so I definitely see it, and #uncustomaryart. At the end of the day, I will pick my favorite, e-mail you for your snail mail address, and you’ll get a little envelope in the mail from me! It’s pretty simple. (And yes, it’s open to non-US people.) Last week’s winner was Cara!

+ the aesthetics of roller skates an roller rinks (even though I can’t do it!)
+ boys finding glitter on themselves days after they hang out with me
+ beginning a new digital product
+ getting an order for twelve garlands

+ the view from the top of Grand Central
+ the first day of Spring
+ vanilla custard milkshake with Fruity Pebbles
+ Indy the dog running around the park

+ pom pom crotch
+ dinner at Lil Spice with Ashley, Munchel, Charlotte, and Jason
+ the idea of “crashing” a bible study
+ Charlotte’s reaction to my statement of not being able to use a hammer

+bringing my huge flowers everywhere I went on the solstice
+ making a new friend at the thrift store because I was wearing an awesome outfit
+ pink wine out of plastic cups with gold rims
+ the best back massage ever (from a stranger!)

+ the decorations at a bar called Tropic Thunder
+ Ashley starting her first embroidery project and being so good at it
+ the RAOK event (more tomorrow)
+ sushi at Sticky Rice

+ watching these girls twerking outside of 7-11
+ sleeping like I was in a coma
+ being a model for April’s movement photoshoot
+ getting a lap dance from a lady stripper for the first time

+ these pineapple shoes (that aren’t really palm trees)
+ “Let It Go” and finally seeing Frozen
+ singing Wheatus at karaoke
+ clearing up miscommunications

“You’ve always been a sun beam in my life even if we have parted ways. You’re genuinely colorful and naturally contagious. Whatever happened just let it free because you know it can’t be altered. You have too much love around you and too much good work ahead of you to burden your kindness with nonsense.” – this message from a lovely lady named Liz who I went to high school with

And you should also check out this video that some guy made. It’s a pseudo intro to Full House, featuring only himself. He played it for his high school on the morning announcements. It’s my favorite thing right now.

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