Happy For Pete’s Sake Day! Let’s try to use that expression as much as possible today! I know that I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do, and I’m sorry. Don’t worry, though. Nothing is wrong! I’m just working on some other things. If you miss me too much, it might be a good idea to sign up for a month of e-mails from me! All you’ve gotta do is read. I’ll bring the pixie dust.

And yes, it’s Wednesday! That means that it’s time for the weekly photo contest. Today, I’m asking you to take a picture of something beginning with the letter “P”. (Example: a picture of a piano) Sometime today, take a picture and upload it to social media (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram are all fine). Be sure to tag me in it, so I definitely see it, and #uncustomaryart. At the end of the day, I will pick my favorite, e-mail you for your snail mail address, and you’ll get a little envelope in the mail from me! It’s pretty simple. (And yes, it’s open to non-US people.) Last week’s winner was Linsey.

+ bringing Bo The Badger with me places
+ watching ice skating with Nick’s family
+ getting caught up with Etsy orders
+ all the responses from the how to get your band name equation
(including Pink Taco, Leopard Kiss, and Blue Jean Waffle)

+ this amazing performance at the drag show at Grand Central (to Meredith Brook’s “Bitch”)
+ being at the gay bar three times this week
+ getting in the dance area for free
+ running into someone from high school

+ costume changes that involve leg warmers and bedazzled character shoes
+ eating at Never On Sundays at 2 am and Sip and Bite at 3 am
+ Rachael in California calling me “a Candy Chang / RAOK crusader”
+ Caylee‘s hypothetical questions

+ this adorable pup
+ the Selfie Flash Mob
+ lunch with Jason at a soup place
+ a new carabiner (no more lost keys!)

+ people stacking on top of each other at circus practice
+ my white skirt blowing in the wind and imagining I’m Marilyn Monroe
+ a night in with Nick and Ashley, writing letters and watching Grease
+ singing Weezer in the driveway

+ April sending me this picture of how she displayed the banner she bought from me
these cats acting out The Little Mermaid
+ all the amazing interactions I’ve had with Ayushe
+ long lasting lipstick

+ meeting this guy and wearing sequins
+ Eve 6, Fall Out Boy, Britney Spears, and Wheatus
+ Bug running into my room with a potato
+ Bug running into my room with a deflated balloon (and strategically placing it in my shoe)

+ how this picture looks like an acid trip
+ New Girl (season 2) / I.Love.Nick.Miller
+ pizza party at Charlotte’s with Mike and Jason
+ preferring shows about puppies to any type of violence

+ joining the Creepy Hearts Club (you should too!)
+ hugging Indy the dog
+ my bank ATM’s finally having the check deposit option
+ making a big dent in my mail pile

What’s on your happy list this week?

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