Every month, I host an event in the community. This month, I thought it would be cool if a bunch of people started taking pictures of themselves on their phones at the same time, and Selfie Flash Mob was born. I expanded it and asked people from all over to join in. Even though it was just Jason and I at the Walters Art Gallery, it was really cool to know that at the same time, in all parts of the country people were snapping pictures.

I received photos from people from Maryland, Washington, California, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, Alaska, Michigan, and even Norway! Thanks to everyone for participating.

Since it was just Jason and I at the museum, I decided to participate in the flash mob myself instead of focusing on videotaping. I did get a little bit of footage, although it’s super short and weird. I really like the sound of my camera firing off, though.

Next monthโ€™s event is still in the works, but stay connected on Bloglovinโ€™ and Facebook for future updates. In the mean time,ย check out previous events, including Photobooth Fun, Human Rainbow, and Monster Mash Flash Mob.