Happy Dictionary Day! Care to share what your favorite word is? I like the meaning of “magic” and the acoustics of “serendipity”.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from people sharing how much they enjoy my Weekly Happiness posts. I’m really glad to hear that! I know that there’s not always a lot to say in the comments, since the list is all about me and my week, but I really would love to hear what’s on your list! If you have a similar feature, link me over! Or just make a list in the comments section (or on Facebook). It makes me happy to hear about small joys, and to know that people are also doing personal reflections!

+ trying the new ice cream flavor at The Charmery, named after Matt (a great Baltimore artist): “Exploding (Muir)Head”
+ meeting Kenna at Larry’s Tavern
+ completing my Vegetarian-For-A-Week challenge

+ my dad getting me balloons to cheer me up
+ Bug napping with the balloon string in his hand
+ finally wearing hoodies

+ Michelle taking a yarnbomb I de-installed in Graffiti Alley and re-installing it in New York City!
+ getting to 333 “likes” on Facebook — join my celebratory giveaway
+ new purchases at Michaels and Party City

+ A (cat nip) stuffed hedgehog wearing a witch hat that made Bug kitty crazy
+ listening to my Halloween playlist
+ going to Friday’s on Friday with Charlotte, Mike, Dave, and Lorna

+ the house party at April’s
+ listening to “Timber” in the car for the first time
+ beginning to work on my first digital product

+ an Elvis impersonator who gave me a stuffed teddy bear while singing the lyrics to “Teddy Bear
+ watching Jim Jefferies stand-up for the first time
+ mailing out October’s Monthly Marvels packages

+ discovering this log of VHS tapes in my house when I was a child. From what I can tell, the color coding goes like this: blue = my brother’s movies, green = my movies, yellow = homemade movies (and by that I mean my parents copying library movies onto blank tapes)
+ sending out my Halloween cards
+ the 100th episode of It’s Always Sunny

+ busting out my Halloween movies and watching two out of the five
+ the fact that a 40 oz. of raspberry Smirnoff Ice exists
+ going to lunch at the Irish Channel

+ this giant lollipop wand
+ taking walks in the neighborhood with my dad
+ crying at this orchestral flash mob

+ bat pom pom ring
+ going through my box of momentos
+ realizing I don’t have to re-purchase Microsoft Office