Happy Free Thinkers Day! What are you going to do to think outside the box today? This is your formal invitation toย get weird.
Tonight, I’m hosting another event. If you’re in the area, come take some photobooth pictures with me!

And don’t forget there’s just a week left to sign up for February’s Monthly Marvels package! You could also sign a friend up as a Valentine’s Day gift! Spread the love, my dears.

+ spending three hours helping April do balloon graffiti (more soon)
+ late night mermaiding
+ doing donuts in the 7-11 parking lot
+ snow flurries falling into the street light

+ reading Eat Mangoes Naked by Sark (thanks to Karen!)
+ gchats with April
+ watching old people dance
+ the If Google Was A Guy video

+ peeking through grates to find stars
+ drinks at Larry’s with Kenna
+ phone call with Allison
+ watching Charlie and Matt talk about Improv Everywhere on Carson Daly

+ digging through this whipped cream to find a waffle, Leslie Knope style
+ having a good first date, even though it didn’t work out
+ meeting Katie The Fat Cat
+ this incredible article

+ when things look so very “winter”
+ teaching my first Guerrilla Art Workshop
+ leaving soap messages in Ashley’s sink
+ the ladybug balloon bracelet that April gave me

+ punching out heart confetti
+ watching Boy Meets World, and appreciating how genuine, corny, and wholesome it really is
(get your own set of DVD’s here!)
+ ordering a new laptop
+ the changing color tables at Fuji

What’s on your happy list this week?