I have important news! Today is Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day! So you obviously need to celebrate. (Bonus points if you answer the phone at your job in this fashion.) I hope you’re having a great week. I’m doing well despite the annual December funk that tends to hit me this time of year. Honestly, though, it’s not nearly as bad as it usually is. Do you ever deal with seasonal mood issues?

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+ visiting my old job and making Jerome The Snowman
+ Billy Eichner & Amy Poehler caroling on the streets
+ the funny and inappropriate jokes my dentist always makes
+ Bug and I wearing the same necklace
+ finding a bag full of nondescript fuchsia tinsel at the thrift store

+ going to a goth club on fetish night (!)
+ wearing yellow to said club
+ watching a guy dance who has the best musicality I’ve ever seen
+ eating at Sip and Bite and 2 am
+ this bird snowboarding

+ the fact that baby airports exist
+ Reuters photos of the year
+ preparing things to abandon on New Year’s Eve
+ my dress coming in with a bag of trinkets!
+ finally writing some mail after an almost two week long hiatus

+ seeing the Celebrate stamp neon sign in real life
+ all the wonderful presents Michelle got for me
+ making my holiday cards at the snail mail social
+ realizing that my personality type has changed to ESFP; what are you?
+ gold glitter… everywhere

+ the giant tree at Union Station
+ discovering the wonder of Mediocre Films
+ leaving glitter in my seat
+ how I explained lunch: “I ate some food because I didn’t want to be hungry anymore”
+ this video by The Whitest Kids U Know

+ the “Fuck Yeah” ribbon in my Unsolicited Advice package
+ the amazing scenes that Jee Young Lee creates in her studio
+ reading a children’s picture book to Bug until he fell asleep, and then finishing the book out loud anyway
+ buying a ton of new supplies at AC Moore for garland making
+ signing up for Fun A Day again this year

+ PEACE illuminating the streets of DC
+ Chioke Nassor’s story about her flasher
+ starting to make my own postcards for printing
+ receiving 5/12 of the Holiday Bullshit goodies from Cards Against Humanity
+ Janice having a good birthday and liking her presents

Link me anything fun you’ve recently found, share what’s on your happy list this week, or talk about your goals for 2014!