Happy Wednesday! It’s also One Hit Wonder Day. What’s your favorite one hit wonder? I’m partial to “Save Tonight” by Eagle-Eye Cherry. I hope you’re having a great week. I feel like my inspiration and motivation have been renewed, and I’m ready to get into stuff!

+ adding confetti to my walls
+ Habits Of Supremely Happy People
+ my dad treating me to craft supplies
+ amazing participation from the Monthly Marvels packages

+ getting my Good Mail Day book signed by Jennie Hinchcliff
+ channeling Ke$ha
+ nice post by Holly
+ happy hour with old co-workers

+ Bug selecting his leaf (solidifying that his favorite color is red)
+ the newest episode of It’s Always Sunny
+ being okay with the fact that the small business guy didn’t believe in me

+ my big girl business cards coming in!
+ nice post from Holly
+ seeing such a strong and passionate following for a local band
+ the Autumn solstice

+ hanging my party hat garland in my room
+ the amazing day at the Postal Museum (more to come)
+ raising my glass towards the windshield, toasting the world as I drive
+ ‘Yes and Yes’ reminding us that there are 99 days left in 2013

+ trying painting for the first time
+ Ben Franklin being my boyfriend
+ watching Beetlejuice (specifically this scene)

+ my Mr. Zip (temporary) tattoo paying homage to Taking Back Sunday
+ drunk texts from best friends
+ buying new leggings

What’s made you happy this week? Tell me all the happy things!

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