Here are some of the things that made me happy last week
+ twinkle lights

+ mail themed necklace from Marguerite
+ goodies I bought in Toronto
+ my Charlie Kelly unicorn shirt finally coming in

+ beautiful lanterns

+ Bug helping me knit
+ $19.99 Betsy Johnson shoes

+ completing my goal to visit another country!
+ poppycock
+ seeing washi tape in a store (and buying some)
+ accidentally finding a yarn store
+ the tree lighting ceremony
+ seeing Niagara Falls
+ going to the Jello Museum
+ the tuxedo kitty cat in Le Roy, New York
+ sending mail from Canada
+ Belgian waffle breakfast
+ my alligator sock teeth peeking out of my shoes
+ Comedy Bang Bang podcast
+ Obama getting re-elected
+ using my typewriter
+ feeling rested and ready for work
+ wearing very Mary outfits the past two days
+ a new street art idea
+ decorating my room for Thanksgiving
+ using a dry erase board for a daily quote
+ finishing the knitting for my next yarnbombing