A list of some of the things that made me happy this week
+ my and Charlotte’s feet on the yellow leaves


+ my dad bought me a vintage postcard
and on the back it was talking about Postcard Day in Baltimore in 1911!
+ weird photos of balloons
+ accidentally finding an amazing mosaic artist
Loring Cornish
+ thankful hands at work
+ taking knee pics to showcase the bottom half of my outfits
+ the Edgar Allen Poe themed bar, Annabel Lee Tavern, with Jenn
+ the twinkle lights up on Pratt Stree
+ new episodes of It’s Always Sunny
+ this e-mail excerpt: “sex toys and sausage”
+ dancing to Twist and Shout with the members at work
+ eating Thanksgiving food early at work
+ Bug dragging my knitting down the stairs and hiding it
+ stuffing and decorating envelopes
+ putting up the Hold The Phone installation and all the responses from strangers
+ the words “parallelogram” and “equipmunk”
+ the date 11/17 (my two favorite numbers)
+ seeing Charlotte and Jenn
+ my dad enjoying going with me on a street art adventure
+ eating at Jimmy’s for the first time
+ going to one of the antique shops in Fells Point that I’ve always wanted to
+ Ke$ha’s “Die Young
+ receiving gifts I ordered online for friends in the mail
+ getting a hair cut and dyeing my hair
+ getting a mermaid pedicure
+ funny quotes from members at work
What made you happy this week?