Ahh, next time I write a Weekly Happiness list it will be December. What. Well, at least November is ending well. Here are some of the things that made me happy this week.
+ blue twinkle lights


+ the ceiling of the Avalon Theater
+ green tape and gold stars
+ snowflakes from ceilings
+ Christmas neck tie for Bug
+ yellow yarn

+ long weekend
+ Chinese food
+ doing a lot of knitting
+ World Hello Day and sending postcards to random addresses
+ Bug wearing his neck tie
+ organizing my shoes and magnets
+ ordering a lot of Christmas presents
+ starting to wrap presents!
+ seeing The Upright Citizens Brigade tour
+ quaint town of Easton
+ train wreck experience at the Hardee’s drive-thru
+ finding a mini shopping cart at the thrift store
+ watching the entire series of Terriers in one day
+ Sadie’s soft fur
+ the card writing party in DC
+ seeing Michelle and Melissa again
+ writing in my art journal
+ wearing my pom pom skirt
+ pink Oreos
+ Frank Turner
+ exercising with Sam to a demanding cat on youtube
+ beginning the Secret Santa process
+ Mount Pleasant library

What made you happy this week?