I hope you’re having a good week! Today is Oatmeal Muffin Day and Look For An Evergreen Day. Celebrate accordingly. Here are some of the things that made me happy over the past week.
+ beautiful sunrises that you can’t do justice with a camera


+ stringing yarn to the side of my house
+ those big fairy light nets
+ stamps from Malaysia
+ bright yellow yarn

+ the date 12.12.12
+ Potbelly cookies (oatmeal and chocolate chip)
+ how old The Rolling Stones are, and the inspiration to live like a rock star
+ getting my picture taken with Santa
+ finally making myself address labels
+ preparing street art for January
+ improvisations for Festive Friday
+ looking at really cute animals on Tumblr
+ wrapping up Christmas shopping
+ getting caught up with mail
+ making random envelopes and sealing them with green tape
+ watching Elf and wanting to live life with the kind of enthusiasm Buddy has when he explores New York City for the first time
+ starting Secret Santa at work
+ making plans to hang out with people before the year is over
+ decorating the cafeteria at work
+ great incoming mail
+ deciding to participate in the 26 Acts Of Kindness project .. starting today!
+ realizing the instagram threat really isn’t that bad
+ my new yellow coat coming in the mail
+ the FernGully soundtrack
+ Ikea Monkey

What’s been making you happy this week?