Hey! Happy last week of February! I hope everything is going really well for you this week. 🙂 Today is Inconvenience Yourself Day and Polar Bear Day. Which are you celebrating?? Are you maybe … inconveniencing yourself by getting a polar bear as a pet? I feel like that’s the best idea given the circumstances.
[I want to throw out there that I don’t want you to be afraid to comment on my posts. I get e-mails and mail talking about my blog, but I would love for you to give me your opinions on specific topics and projects here. I don’t respond to the comments on the blog anymore, but I will e-mail you directly. Some people, I know, feel weird about commenting on blogs… especially if you don’t know the person. I used to feel like that. But I would love it if I could talk to more of you!]
Anyway, here are some of the things that made me happy in the past week.
+ knitting on the floor of D Center in highlighter tights

+ a wonderful message from Tallie
+ fun people at the closing reception


+ this whimsical book title
+ playing with my new camera…
+ seeing this Margaritaville license plate border on Margarita Day
+ starting my panel for the Knit The Bridge project in Pittsburgh
+ people at work agreeing to help with the above project
+ sweet e-mails from Janice
+ getting to see the footage from my Fox45 interview! (6:15-7:45)
+ getting to talk to more people at the closing reception for Fun A Day
+ feeling accomplished in that I finished my first art show
+ meeting the woman who took the Hon photos on 36th Avenue (see here)
+ knitting carrot themed things
+ Kris looking me in the eyes and complimenting me on my work
+ fabric & button goody bags
+ both of my bosses coming to support me at the show
+ writing letters
+ bucket of sloths video
+ getting a pedicure (emerald green!)
+ sticking to my drinking only water goal
+ watching Tiny Furniture, Sex In The City (movie), and It’s Always Sunny season 7 commentary
+ foam shamrocks
+ dumping out the blue box of addresses I collected to send show-goers postcards
+ finally getting around to laundry
+ ordering new clothes
+ ridiculous outbursts
+ making a smaller, more micro-managed weight loss goal
+ compliments on my polka dot dress
+ finishing writing my list of 100 things that make me happy
+ beginning new projects
+ Bug laying in a bag
What’s been making you happy this week?