Happy Wednesday, loves! Today, I’m driving up to Pittsburgh for three reasons: 1) To see the panel my old co-workers and I submitted to the Knit The Bridge project 2) See Bonnie Jeanne (aka Post Muse) 3) See my great aunt. It’s a bit of a drive, but I’m excited!

I hope that you have a wonderful day and take time to reflect on what has been good in your life this past week.

+ a beautifully painted bridge in DC

+ Charlotte riding a kid bike complete with matching helmet

+ the fact that someone gave this statue a pashmina

+ Bug keeping me on task

+ weird photoshoot outtakes

+ attending Melissa and Lisa’s private party celebrating their business opening
(Shop Analog)

+ finally sitting down to watch Anchorman after incessantly quoting it for two days
+ gradually getting in a better mood
+ good morning text
+ my new pink dress
+ lots of photoshoots
+ my trip to Ocean City
+ buying a pineapple flag
+ Magical Day Dream (an amazing blog)
+ figuring out how to prevent spam comments
+ hanging out with Nick more nights than not
+ Denafest
+ reading my friends’ Top Ten Things lists
+ deciding to take a little break from any type of alcohol
+ eating at Golden Corral with Charlotte
+ free water at Starbucks
+ going to the craft store just to look at the Halloween stuff
+ writing lots of letters
+ starting 30 Days Of Lists

Three reminders:

1) Summer isn’t over!
2) Friday is the last day to sign up for September’s Monthly Marvel
3) I’ll be doing a giveaway when I reach 222 likes