I sucked at blogging this month! But I’ve been doing a lot of living, and I have a lot planned out for the rest of the year. And remember I’m always posting on Instagram and in the Membership Group if you’re jonesing for new stuff! Speaking of the Uncustomary Babe Membership, if you haven’t seen the announcement by now, you have until Friday at midnight to take me up on the one-time-fee offer before it officially changes over into a subscription service for even the Basic Plan. You can find all the details here.

Since I last checked in, I’ve gone to the Renaissance Fair, had one of two photoshoots with Maura, hosted a DIY Halloween party, went through a depression where I didn’t get out of bed from Friday night till Wednesday morning, got a massage, attended the Have A Nice Day event, explored Ellicott City with Joe, spent the day at a Fall Farm, made a scarecrow, mined for gemstones, and on Tuesday I had my RAW art show which went amazingly and I can’t express my gratitude enough for the support I was swarmed with.

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(Lots of) photos from the last weeks:

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Things to check out online:

What’s on your happiness list this week?
Sending you lots of love and glitter!