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Continuing on with the Honk If You… series, I’ve got a “Honk If You Love Hocus Pocus” sign to share with you!

Honk If You Love Hocus Pocus | Uncustomary

Not to go straight from one 90’s movies to the next, but it IS that time of year… and who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? The answer? NO ONE! This was BY FAR the most honked for sign out of the entire series. People were seriously digging it. I mean, it may have helped that I was wearing a witch hat and brought a vacuum like Mary rode in the movie, but it actually caused a bit of a scene!

Honk If You Love Hocus Pocus | Uncustomary

People were coming out from their houses to see what was going on. And no one was just cutely tapping their horns like usual. They were laying on them like truckers alerting someone the bridge is about to blow! People were hanging out the window taking videos of me, it was awesome. I did get pretty angry when two cops drove past and not only did they not say anything to me about being in the middle of the street causing a scene, but they didn’t even honk! Pick a lane, dudes! Pun intended.

Honk If You Love Hocus Pocus | Uncustomary

If YOU love “Hocus Pocus”, hop on over to Instagram and leave a car and/or crystal ball emoji in the comments to declare your love! Obviously if you don’t love Hocus Pocus, we can’t be friends, and I’m sorry about this terminating our relationship, but we had a good run I think. 😉

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Photos by: Maura Housley